SRK trading cards


You like;yes?

I like it. :tup:

This could be a new ‘IMM Challenge.’ I know epp1e would dig this too.

Yeh…but we gotta put rules to it or it will be out of hand like my card;with 5000 atk and etc xD

Magic the Gathering > Yu-Gi-Oh.

Nicely made cards though.

i want one D:

something with sakura and cvs2 and a groove :3

LoL. AWESOME! :tup:

someone make one of viscant lmao


Wow I’m actually impressed.

lol. nice. :tup:

LoL. Holy shit. :tup:

The Rashida card was great. :clap:

This is some funny stuff. :rofl:

:rofl:at my atk and def. My card is hot. Here’s a token of my appreciation.

omg hilarious!!! hahahahah awesome man.

stairs, a trap card lol

Yo if everyone makes one we can get a little forum game going…To give us something to check on when we log in or w/e


Kombo and epp1e… You made my day with these. Great stuff :smiley:

i like mine :3

The Stairs…I nearly cried…:rofl::rofl::rofl::clap:

I want one of me…something with hype for super smash bros. brawl in it.

this thread needs more honor