SRK Training Team (XBL)



Please check latest posts for info. Sorry, but I won’t be around to edit these thread… ended up being an 09’er after all, lol.

Post your XBL info in the following format:

XBL Gamertag:
Location: City, State
Headset: Yes/Np
Record Matches: Can you post your matches for others to comment on?
Dedication: How often you play, etc.
Characters: Which characters do you play
Strengths: Footsies, Air control, FB pressure, etc
Weaknesses: Footsies, Air control, FB pressure, etc
Characters Good VS: Best match ups against…
Characters Bad VS: Worst match ups with…

Please check the latest posts and look for members to add. This only works when you add other players. If everyone just sits around nothing will ever happen.

After your matches, it is customary to post feedback for your opponent in this thread. Give some constructive criticism, tips, pointers, etc. Let them know what they were doing that worked well and what didn’t. Remember, this thread is for the purpose of training and feedback goes a long way for that.

Good luck and good games!

Sakura IRC Chat





XBL Gamertag:Dannkk
Location: IL
Headset: Yes
Record Matches: Yes…digital camera, no direct feed.
Dedication: Training to compete in next year’s EVO
Characters: Ryu…a little Rufus
Strengths: Spacing
Weaknesses: Character matchups, baiting, final seconds of the round
Characters Good VS: Gief, Abel, Sagat
Characters Bad VS: Akuma, Ken, Rufus, Vega, Balrog
What I Need to Practice: Execution, baiting, zoning, safe jumps


Good fucking job wkwong


Just to help move some current feedback from the old thread:

Looks like PHATAL PHD and shadows213 played, but no real feedback.


Sh1fty Feedback
We only got 3 matches like he said before lag really started kicking it.

I’ll have to update this when I watch the match again and post it up. But just from memory 3 days later… I would suggest learning to finish your hit confirmed combos with SRK or cr.HP xx Tatsu. The SRK only version is much easier to pull off with a little practice. I ate a lot of your crossups but only took minimal damage.

Punish whiffed SRK’s with cr.HP, SRK. I got off easy when you just throw me.


nice work WKwong… if you need any adviceor watever just let me know.


Ugh, my 360 just got the red ring of death. I’m not going to be able to participate in the 360 training tourney, just the ps3 one.

Please remove me from the Xbox 360 training team tourney.

XBL tag: sairel
SRK handle: ridedc

Thanks and sorry for the confusion.


You can change my main to Boxer if you want.
Looks real good wkwong.
I’m excited, can’t wait to play you guys.


Sorry to hear that bro. Let me know if you get it fixed. Thanks!


XBL Gamertag: Geeelang
Location: NY
Headset: Yes
Record Matches: Yes
Dedication: Training to compete, period.
Characters: Balrog
Strengths: Decent execution, understanding of game mechanics and match ups.
Weaknesses: Wake up options, teching throws on reaction
Characters Good VS: Shotos, Blanka,
Characters Bad VS: Abel, Rufus, Zangief
What I Need to Practice: Patience, throw techs, ambiguous cross ups.

Really excited to use online play to my advantage. I tend to get bored easily on xbl, because of the lack of competition. Hopefully I can help other players, and in return get some good practice against some more uncommon match ups.


Just a correction I main Sakura.

I don’t know, people who can’t record video seem at a major disadvantage, and when both people can, there is only really benefit from one person recording.
So even though the benefit is greater, I think the difference in points is a little harsh.

I think a fairer number would be feedback 2 pts, video 1 pt to both players in the video, comment on video 1 pt.

This way both recorders and people who give feedback on videos have equal opportunity for points. And playing games benefits both equally regardless of if they can post a video (3 each) or not (2 each)


Thanks for your input. That makes sense. Updated OP.


Hurray xbl thread.


Here is a post for the IRC channel from DarthPaul’s previous thread:

ACCESSING MIRC - thanks to Illwill

Ok, here is the info to get setup on IRC so we can make this much more streamlined. It will explain how to get mIRC, how to get connected to Quakenet, and how to join our channel. Please be sure the read the directions thoroughly if you are unfamiliar with irc. For those with experience, just make sure to use your PSN or SRK name and goto Quakenet and channel #StreetFighter4:
click on Download mIRC
Click on Download mIRC again
Either Run or Save the file that pops up
Choose the install directory for mIRC (default is fine for most)
Let mIRC install
Run mIRC

In mIRC a dialogue box should auto pop with some stuff for you to fill in:
Full Name: obvious
Email Address: obvious (you don’t get spam (that I’ve ever seen) from mIRC)
Nickname: Use either your SRK u/n or your PSN
Alternative: If you have different SRK and PSN names, use the one that you didn’t use in the previous prompt
Invisible Mode: If you turn on invisible mode, people will not be able to see you on IRC unless they already know your nickname, or if you join a channel or talk to them privately. I recommend keeping it checked so no weirdos randomly try and give you tehsex0rs.

Click on the ‘servers’ category on the left
Navigate to ‘QuakeNet’ and dbl click on it
Dbl click on ‘random US server’

Click on 'Connect’
Under ‘enter a channel name and click join:’ type #StreetFighter4 and press enter
NOTE: you can clik on the ‘Add’ button and enter the appropriate information to make #StreetFighter4 one of your favorites.

mIRC is really helpful because you can immediately chat about your match and point anything you need to. It also will allow you to choose through a list of players on mIRC in case if your XBL friend’s list is full. Other players are constantly in the channel so you can even ask match-up specific questions and get an answer immediately. I strongly encourage all of you to download and use IRC.

P.S. We really need more XBL users to connect because so far PS3 is reigning supreme. C’mon XBLers!


Also here is Frush’s forum. It’ll be useful for keeping everything organized, instead of having signups, brackets, and post-fight critiques all in one thread.


XBL Gamertag: Botsu109
Location: CA
Headset: Yes
Record Matches: Currently no.
Dedication: Training to compete in next year’s EVO and take top 3 in a tourney. Currently stuck with the curse of hitting 5th-7th. Damn you Ricky.
Characters: Ryu/Sagat
Strengths: Zoning
Weaknesses: Footsies
Characters Good VS: Shoto’s.
Characters Bad VS: Console characters who aren’t used very often.
What I Need to Practice: Footsies and being patient.


XBL Gamertag: Desi Monk
Location: Canada
Headset: Yes
Record Matches: Currently no.
Dedication: training to get better and hopefully start playing in tournaments
Characters: Ryu
Strengths: wake-up game
Weaknesses: Footsies
Characters Good VS: Shoto’s.
Characters Bad VS: Console characters who aren’t used very often.
What I Need to Practice: Footsies and offensive play


Tournament Match 1
SabeZ30 vs. pedoviejo

Tech throws

Missed BNB’s

All around a pretty good Vega. You spaced yourself pretty well for the most part of the match. I had a hard time reading your jump-ins so I couldn’t anti DP you for most of the match. When you knocked me down your mix-ups/wakeup game was very linear. I pretty much was able to read what you were going to do next which prevented you from inflicting a lot of damage at once. You started to change your game a little bit towards the end, but it was already too late; changing to the Grab Barcelona was a good idea. Once you had ultra you just waited for me to throw a fireball. Not a good idea because I knew that was coming. You can’t expect to win doing this like this in a tournament. Keep the pressure on and find an opening. On wakeup, you just let me pound you rather than back flipping away. You can’t afford so many in close confrontations like you did with me. Luckily, you tech throws like a champ and I couldn’t figure how to get in damage when you turtled like that. Most of the damage you took was from coming in on me. Rarely, did I do a damaging combo on you during wakeup. You need to realize that you play unsafe at times and should with those barcelona’s and wall dives. Vega’s footsies are great like all charge characters. Use it more to you advantage.