SRK Vets That get angry over noobs


I am a huge noob, and the vets are super unwelcoming and unhelpful. And other than telling me the correct spot to post my question. they reply rude stuff. Irc but i’d like to here from some vets why that annoys you


Because it’s like noobs show up, and instead of just looking around and seeing how people do things here, or MAYBE glancing at the rules, noobs immediately start making ignorant-ass derp posts…AND in the wrong areas. Then they wanna act all innocent and butthurt about what happens afterwards, like they didn’t see that message saying “read forum rules and policies before posting”. If you have a problem, go tell a mod. They will let you know if, where and just how badly you fucked up. Don’t go crying to Gen Disc in general cuz…well,

Oh, and enjoy your stay. Don’t go full retard like that one noob last year who got fed up with people correcting his post locations that he just spazzed out a couple expletive-filled threads telling the mods where they can cram what (and SIDEWAYS, on top of that), and you’ll be fine. Stay out of my shed.


Exactly the response i was looking for. Meh ight thanks


Glad I could help. Just use common sense, actually READ forum section titles, and you’ll be fine. And stay outta my shed, okay?


Ya won’t see me anywhere in your shed. :slight_smile:


Just because you’re new to SRK why do you have to act like you’re new to the fucking internet? Considering the gamer’s demographic it’s rare that this will be the first forum someone has been to. With that in mind it’s very safe to assume that said noobs have their thumbs up their asses deserve the backlash they get. Now on the rare occassion that someone is new to forums, then oh well, maybe it is harsh, but even then as a human being with some goddamned sense you should see the prompts showing proper usage, so even then that isn’t much of an excuse.


Paging RockB…Paging RockB…

You’ll be fine as long as you don’t act like that fool that named himself poop.


Hold up. You created a thread, not only did a mod tell you NICELY where the question belonged but you even got an additional answer and you’re STILL butthurt?
Look kid, I’m going to say this as nicely as I can, and it’s not because tough vets will shit on you. It’s not because you’re a noob. It’s because a certain level of protocol, decency is expected on here. Seriously, just search before you post.
That being said: Grow some balls son. Preferably with hair on them.


Did I just really say we expect decency on here? Holy shit what is wrong with me today…