SRK Vs Gamefaqs SSF4 Style!

I’m thinking it’s time to fight them again. They did really well last time and were short handed.

So sometime in the future I’d like to run another SRK Vs Gfaqs in SSF4.

Stay Tuned!!


Everyone selects a character and stay with him/her.

It’s going to be blind pick meaning each Capt writes down the other and PM’s it to the other Capt.
(We agree then send so there is no dirty pool)

It’s going to be Evo Team Tournament style so everyone gets to play.

Where is that dude that was trash talking me last time? Fucking stalking me in Visitor Messages and PMs and shit, lol.

I got a feeling this is GameFAQs time to shine!

Gonna watch from the sidelines again, hold that shit down like usual Raven, GameFaqs status!

What were previous results?

This should be it, results 8-7 SRK won

Awakening hasn’t heard the end of that no show. :rofl:

AwaKening is NEVER gonna hear the end of it. Lulzzzzzzzz

And I got a feeling that my boys from the FAQS are takin this one!

i’ll fight dem nicka’s. if the connection doesnt suck that is :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m on GFAQS side.

I’ll watch =P

Sounds fun.

I’ll throw my hat in to rep for SRK. I just hope you guys give us all plenty of time to adjust before this goes down. Especially for those switching mains this time around. Would be better to see some good matches than just a bunch of people trying out new stuff because we ran this too early.

I’ll run for SRK with Seth

I’ll run dee jay for SRK


ken masters for srk

When I get this booted up Juice Box and myself will be Gate keeping to make sure things are on point.

Oh yeah, I should say that I’ll run Chun if no one’s called it.

This just XBL or we doing PSN division too?

I’m down to run Boxer if you want me on the team.


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XBOX Live!

Super Street Fighter IV

SRK Vs Gamefaqs SSF4 Style!

If you guys want to spearhead a PS3 bit then by all means.

I would like to call a spectator spot if that is possible.