SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


GGs @Greenwood I’m SUPER rusty on top of being ass at this game lol…


Anyone gna be on tonight and wanna run sets ?


GGs @driftlogic You do 2 things that I don’t do, but I need to start doing them. It was helpful to see it in action.


Alright once again I apologize for taking so long to make my fight happen.

@melflomil let’s make it happen tonight. I will be available any time after 8pm pacific.

I propose we get 2 more days to make this happen. If we can’t then @driftlogic can determine a winner. I will keep all communication open in this thread.

I’m sorry for holding this thing up guys.


Glad my scrubbyness is helpful for SOMEONE at least lol.

@8bitJose no worries man, life happens; and don’t worry, you’ve got until this Friday, homie…


@8bitJose that 11PM my time. I’Lloyd be on just hit me up on SRK


I’m on now. Just a heads up.


@melflomil I just sent you an invite. Join my lobbie.


Ready whenever


@driftlogic hey man, we just completed our matches. @melflomil won 3-0.


Awesome stuff, here are the updated standings for you:


@“The Martian” today is the last day to get your match in, homie… @Skins4life has been trying to get ahold of you from what I’ve been told…


He signs onto SRK all the time so he’s just being ignorant.


That’s unfortunate; I’ve gone ahead and awarded full points to @Skins4life by way of forfeit. I’ll have some new matchups generated and posted here shortly for everyone.

Thanks, everyone!


Alright, we’ve (finally) made it; here are the match-ups for this Second Run:

@melflomil Vs. @LordWilliam1234

@Greenwood Vs. @“The Martian”

@chadouken! Vs @beagleboy

@SleepyFoxx Vs. @“Hyun Sai”

@SuperNes Vs. @TheCrimsonPugilist

@jasonC Vs. @Videad

@Imsaiyanwil Vs. @Skins4life

@8bitJose Vs. @Norse_Fury

Things are uneven again this time 'round, so I’m out of this run; also a friendly reminder that the trial period for the 7-day stipulation begins this Run - that is, players have 7 days from the moment they are tagged or PM’d by their opponents to respond in regards to scheduling a time/day to play their matches; failure to do so will result in the offending player forfeiting their points.

Keep in mind this does NOT in any way mean that you must PLAY your match within 7 days, I only ask that you acknowledge and establish a line of communication with your opponent until you can both agree on a scheduled time to play.

Thanks and happy fighting!


@chadouken! You free today


@Videad - anyday 9PM EST works for me - let me know which day


@beagleboy yo I’ll be free all day tomorrow


Hi @jasonC - Same as you. If you see me online send an invitation. My CFN and PSN is Videad.


i’d like to join. when’s the next one scheduled?