SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


@chadouken! Yea I’m sure you are FREE haha jk but yea I’m available after 7 when I get off


We’ve only just started the Second Run now and brackets are uneven. If you want I can add you to this current run if you don’t mind fighting my scrubby ass Cammy…


Fuck, I’m committed to a raid tonight. How about tomorrow night or Wednesday? I’m AVAILABLE after 8:30 MST tomorrow and after 6 on Wednesday.


Hyunsai won 3-0 against Sleepyfox


Thanks dudes, here are the updated scores. I’m posting from my phone so you may need to actually select the “Second Run” tab to view them.


@chadouken! Yea that’s fine I’m in a fantasy draft now and it’s gone longer than expected


Ok - mine is mistergeJJ. I’ll look for you.


Lol… @“The Martian”

I’m not going to waste my time with this guy. This is my one alert to him. Now it’s up to him to get in touch with me to play.


Sounds good. I’ll check here this evening.


@melflomil What day is good for you to get our match in?

I dropped Ken a while back so you might have a chance of beating me this time. :wgrin:


Lmao please don’t make up excuses my friend. You will get bodied today. No if and butts today. 10PM est is good for me today.


No excuses, just offering you some mercy from the beatdowns :wink:

10pm est is too late for me though :confused:


How about 9?


I can try for 9, yeah.


If I’m on anytime earlier i’ll send a message.

You on @LordWilliam1234 ?

Edit nvm. PSN is under maintenence


Yeah, I saw that earlier.

Also if you want to tag me, you need to make a new post or PM me, editing a post and tagging me doesn’t notify me.

Either way I was gonna post here to ask if we could postpone our match to later this week…really pissed off right now and lost all will to fight tonight. I know it’s a weak excuse, but…yeah. If I’m gonna fight I want to be at my best and all that.


@beagleboy I’m sorry man, my meeting went late then I jumped on fucking Destiny. I’ll be free all evening tomorrow (Wednesday) after 6 MST for sure.


@chadouken! Sounds good bud let’s shot for 8pm est


@beagleboy awesome, I’m logging on now to warm up. You should have my CFN saved but just in case, it’s Chadouken. Send invite whenever you’re ready!


@driftlogic chadouken! 3-2 boxer/ryu