SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


@TheCrimsonPugilist I’m free tonight and tomorrow from 8pm-11pm pacific.


How do I join ? I’m I intrested in playing , can someone inbox me so I can get up to pace


Thanks dudes! Update:

@LLLLLFiVEL5L All I need from you is your CFN and time zone to get started my friend




@beagleboy Ggs yesterday, man. You probably would have taken it with Cammy since I know the Ryu match up much better, lol. We had some good back and forth going though, I think it was really up for grabs. Good shit.


@8bitJose when are u able to fight I’m good during the weekend if its after 4



Alright, got your info; welcome to The League! We’ve only just begun, this run so I’ve gone ahead and thrown you in the mix and I’ve matched you with myself since the brackets were uneven before you joined; you’ll find your name on the roster under the “Second Run” tab, and rules under the “Rules & Regs” tab.

Also, this is just in trial for right now; but so you’ll know for next Run there is a “7 Day Stipulation” in which you are responsible for replying within 7 days of being tagged/PM’d by your opponent.

With that said, when’s a good time for you to play?


Sweeeeeeeet!!! When you wanna start ? I get home from work in about 2-2 1/2 hours from now. Gotta love LA traffic


I work M-Th from 5:30am till anywhere between 4-7pm. Friday’s I’m free after 1pm & weekends off


Cool, you wanna shoot for Saturday evening? I usually get home from work at around 1900hrs or so…sometimes earlier…


@LordWilliam1234 i’ll be free on Sunday after 8pm est


just now reading this. did i miss out? :<


Saturday it is !


Not exactly @Starslicer I can still get you in but I don’t have another player to match you up against currently so I’d have to put you in a holding pattern until the next run.

Unless @LLLLLFiVEL5L doesn’t mind switching up and playing you instead of myself…


@Norse_Fury yeah man. I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get on this weekend. But can you do it during the week? If I can get on I’ll let you know.


Yea man that’ll work after 4


@LordWilliam1234 are you on?


Just booted the game. Send an invite to LordWilliam1234.

Make the beating quick though, have some other stuff I want to do tonight…


Aight give me like 5 minutes


I let that shit happen again smh. I should haven’t ended the battle and kept on going. Oh well good game.