SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


@melflomil Why the buck do our matches always end the exact same way :rofl:

You body me 2 matches in a row, then I beat you the next 3 times with the last one always being close. If the league was FT2 instead of FT3 things would be a lot different.

GGs though. I still need to learn to fight the match-up proper, I feel like I’m getting away with too many buttons that I hit in a panic. I think I can safely say that Laura is my worst personal match-up in this game next to Nash.

@driftlogic LordWilliam1234 wins over melflomil, 3-2.


@TheCrimsonPugilist are you free? I can play tonight up until 11pm pacific


SRK don’t have an app huh? Would be nice to get notices , I don’t mind passing out my cell for this Tournament … would that be cool ?


MB updating. Been a bit busy these past few days. Are you available 8pm pst tomorrow? Definitely should be ready then.


If you has the room, Ill toss my hat in the ring.



Alright, dudes…got your updated standings for you right here:

That would be rather helpful and I’m honestly surprised there isn’t one by now; as for the phone number thing, that’s totally at your discretion; If you feel it’ll help get things sorted quicker for you then by all means go for it. Perhaps I’ll create a contacts list for those interested to help everyone get matches started quicker without having to constantly check the forum for replies.

I only ask that you please maintain initial contact for match time scheduling in this thread either via PM or standard thread post/tag (be it a tag to your opponent or in response to a tag from your opponent) in the interest of tracking; so that I can more accurately and fairly enforce the 7-day stip.

@Cyberfish there’s always room, my friend; this run is still young so I’ll go ahead and add you to the roster now. I ended up giving up my spot for this run, since the player count was off; but things are even now with the addition of yourself so I’ll match you up against me (the wildcard).

Thanks, everyone!


@driftlogic - I’m pretty sure you can boot The Martian.


I’m in 100% agreement with you, I’m feeling the same way; but per this new rule I’m trying he’s got one more day, so it’s only fair that I at least honor that, as much as that might seem like a waste of everyone’s time.


Instead of phone numbers, maybe an email list so it isnt that personal, plus everyone gets their email on their phone so it is more accessible.


How do you know if everyone has a phone?


I dont, but if my 10 year old has an ipod touch, which also accesses email, I would assume everyone has an easier access to email than the forums.

Plus if people are willing to give out their phone numbers, I assume they have a phone. LOL.


Yeah, in hindsight maybe phone numbers could be seen as a bit close to home; I’m totally ok with putting together an email contact list if you guys want. I can add it to the Sheets doc we’ve got already (I can’t edit this thread as I’ve simply inherited it).


I’m not providing my number to you crazy people lol. But I do check SRK almost daily at my desk from work, and my username is the same as my PSN ID. I actually don’t even check my email account. I’m sitting on 6,000+ unread messages…so yea no emails from me.


Yea I jst leave me signed in and check every other day to see what’s up


@8bitJose would thursday 430-6pm est work for u?


Not me. But to make up for that lameness, my phone bill is only $20 a month.

EDIT - Actually, I’m not that lame. I have a decent android, it just doesn’t make phone calls. So I can get email on my phone.


Never made it home to get this announcement out I so this is much later than I anticipated.

@“The Martian” has failed to reply within the 7 day stipulation period and as a result has forfeit his points. Additionally, this is the second no show; as per No Show Protocol #808 The Martian has been removed from The League until further notice.

Full points have been awarded to @Greenwood for this Run:

As you were…


@8bitJose would thursday 430-6pm est work for u?


@Cyberfish what’s gonna be a good time/day for you to play, my dude?


Alright, small change in match-up plans. @Greenwood has opted to play against @Cyberfish rather than taking the full points from the forfeit; SO:

driftlogic Vs. Cyberfish

is now

@Cyberfish Vs. @Greenwood

Greenwood, your points total for this Run has been reset to zero:

Thanks and happy fighting!