SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


@driftlogic if you want to get some sets in let me know I’m off Friday and Saturday


Word, I’m way down…I gotta work tomorrow and won’t be home until probably closer to 1930 or so after getting my little dude, but I’m home all day Saturday…


@Videad CFN says you haven’t been on since 9/6 - you still alive? RIP?


Starslicer takes it over LLLLLFiVEL5L, good shit fellas! Here’s the story so far:


I don’t mind texts for match ups , I just have my emails notifications on off with my phones . I totally agree that it does hit too close to home but it’s one of the only ways to contact me instantly . Maybe I should make a new email and have that notify me ?!?!? Hmmmm


So how do I find out who I fight next? Or we wait for an message ?
App would be pretty convenient


@TheCrimsonPugilist hey man. I’ve been pretty busy as well. However, I should be free tomorrow (Sunday) to play. Let me know if you’re available.


damnit! I busted up my phone where I use the internet. I’ll check in every so often with my PS4 web browser , I just giving you all the heads up


@8bitJose when are u free to fight this week?



…also I still need replay IDs from people if you want your matches uploaded.


I do not play very often but I’m always connected at night and ready to fulfill our fight. All last week I was online in PS4 (not exactly playing SFV, but I was Saturday and Sunday all day online) The problem is we are players of different platforms so we can not see when we are online each other…

Is there a group of discord where we can tell when we’re online?


There’s only one match per Run for each player to sort out; once you’re done that you’re done for that Run until new match ups are posted in which you will be tagged. That said, I try to host a Battle Lounge at least once a week (I’ve not been very consistent admittedly) and you’re certainly more than welcome to ask/message other League players for casuals when there’s a lull in the action such as this.

As for the Discord thing; we tried that when The League was first formed and it proved somewhat cumbersome for a lot of people however I’m not above revisiting the idea if it will make communication easier for some players.


Just come on at 9pm any night and find me then. I play every night. It looks like it’s easier for you to find me that it is for me to find you.


jasonC over Videad 3-0


Good shit dudes, here are your updated standings:


Hey dudes, couple things. I’m gonna try (TRY) and host a Lounge sometime between today and Friday this week if anyone wants to run some casual sets; hell if I can manage to find the time I’ll host one today, tomorrow AND Friday.

Also, I’ve gone ahead and created a Discord server for those players that have been having issues linking up with one another after scheduling their matches:

This link is set to never expire, if anyone has trouble getting in please let me know. Keep in mind I’m not reinstating any Discord requirements here; I still need everyone to schedule their matches, and report the results of your matches here in this thread or through PMs on the forum NOT in the Discord chat. I won’t be checking it regularly so any match results posted there may as well not be posted at all as I won’t see them and they simply won’t be tallied.



Drift, if I see you on, I’ll join.


Lounge is live…


Ggs @Greenwood you’ve quite clearly got the better Cammy! Really starting to like this match up and I usually hate mirrors lol…


Ggs. I think most people hate mirrors.