SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


I agree, Mirrors suck. LOL.

I swear someone is out to keep Greenwood and I from fighting.


btw im est just for the standings list so you’ll know.


Thanks for the info Starslicer, I went ahead and updated the sheet.

Yeah I hated the Dudley mirror when I mained him whether it was 3S or IV…fuggin’ miserable. Green’s been telling me you guys have been trying and just missing each other due to differing work schedules; are weekends just as hectic for you?


One more small thing…I’ve attached links to everyone’s CFN/SRK names in the roster you’ll find them active in the “1st Run” tab only. This will hopefully provide a quicker way for players to message one another if not at the very least providing another access point by which to do so; everyone should also have an easier time figuring out the last time a player logged in and that sort of thing in the event communication breaks down…



@8bitJose yo man when u available to fight?


A little. This weekend was just weird since it was my bday on Friday and I had to take my wife to the airport for a trade show. So been running around and the kids keep me busy. Got a sitter and did some golf yesterday finally. LOL. We finally got our matches done. Cyberfish 3- 0 Greenwood.

Great matches Greenwood. I have a hard time with Cammy and today was no exception.


Sounds like you don’t have any trouble keeping busy lol. Good stuff guys…I’ve got your updated standings for you here:


Yeah, usually its not that busy. Hehe. Plus it doesnt help I work overnights either.


@8bitJose we are running out of time man u still fighting? I can play later today or Wednesday maybe friday


@Imsaiyanwil is LONG overdue to respond to the initial PM sent to him by @Skins4life as per the 7-day stipulation he has forfeit full points for the 2nd Run:

With that the clock has officially started ticking on the 2MU warning.

@Norse_Fury Vs. @8bitJose

@TheCrimsonPugilist Vs. @SuperNes

You guys have until Saturday to get your matches in; I don’t count the day of the announcement 'cause sometimes I don’t get to it until late in the day…like now for instance.

Thanks, dudes!


@8bitJose I can play today till 10pm Tomorrow from 4pm - 10pm or friday 8pm - whenever. Saturday is kind of spotty cuz its my wifes b’day so if we can get our matches in before that, it would be best


So we’re waiting for r2 to finish before we get new matches?




Correct, the second run will be coming to an end this Saturday and I’ll have new match ups posted very shortly afterwards.


Are you accepting new signups between runs?


I’m sorry to say I’ve got no longer the time to train properly since KoFXIV launch. Count me out for the moment.


Dang…guess I’ll never get the runback :frowning:


Certainly, this Run is close to finished so it shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately the caveat to that is with it being so late your chances of scoring enough points for tournament are pretty much nil since you’d be coming in on the 3rd and last run.

Alright, Sai no problem buddy. Thanks for playing!


@TheCrimsonPugilist I’m free right now but only until 4pm. I should be free tomorrow as well.


@8bitJose we gonna be able to fight?