SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


Right, so I’m way late with the match-ups considering this run ended at 0000hrs Saturday; my apologies:

@Cyberfish Vs @SleepyFoxx

@Greenwood Vs driftlogic

@chadouken! Vs @Starslicer

@Skins4life Vs @beagleboy

@LLLLLFiVEL5L Vs @jasonC

@Norse_Fury Vs @melflomil

@Videad Vs @TheCrimsonPugilist

@SuperNes Vs @LordWilliam1234

@8bitJose Vs @Imsaiyanwil

There are a couple of players that failed to meet the 2MU warning deadline for their matches and the appropriate points penalties have been applied; as such here are the results of the 2nd Run:

Happy fighting, dudes!


@Starslicer I just got married and have family in town so I won’t be available until later this week, after Wednesday.


Congrats “@chadouken!”


Oh shit! Awesome news, congratulations @chadouken!


Congrats @chadouken! :slight_smile:


so we’re matched up? let me know when you’re ready or send me a message man.

Also Congrats!


Thanks for the congrats, y’all! Yeah I’ll post here later this week when the dust settles.


@Skins4life I’m available tonight or wed or Thursday anytime


gg. don’t have kids unless you really really really want to


@LLLLLFiVEL5L 9pm est anyday is good for me - you? My CFN is mistergeJJ.


@melflomil when are u able to get our match in?


Yo !! I just checked in, i’m free anytime , @jasonC I’ll put you in my favorite now


OK 9 pm tonight let’s do it


@Cyberfish Tonight around 9pm is good for me.


Drifty, when do you want to play? Tomorrow is my only impossible day.


Is it 9pm out there yet?


I sent an invite, @jasonC …_ I’m gonna warm up, please send a new invite when your ready.

LLLLLFiVEL5L <-my cfn


Wednesday after 11PM EST Thursday between 11AM and 7PM


Tomorrow night should be good


Damn. Sorry dude. Just now saw. I work overnights and this weekend is my wedding anniversary. Im usually around in the mornings from 8-10 CST or can be around between 8-9PM CST. Today is my actual anniversary so thats out and as Greenwood can attest, the wife has the TV Thursday nights. LOL.