SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


jasonC wins over LLLLLFiveL 3-0



No problem. CST, is that an hour difference between us? Now I’m usually home from work around 6-630 PM EST. We can shoot for tonight around 8-9 PM CST/9-10 PM EST if that is correct.


Sorry, just now seeing this. By “tomorrow” you mean like today? I’ve got strength training after work tonight, but can certainly try and make it provided I get out of the gym at a decent hour. I mean it’s not like it’ll take you long to body me anyway lol…

Ninja edit, here are your guys results so far:


I just noticed something. Most victories are one sided.


I cannot play today, Wednesday, 10/5. Any other day I’m available.


@melflomil we still good t o play tonight?


@Norse_Fury yupp


Ok cool imma do some sets with devil jin and then ill be ready


Yes. If you are eastern, then I am an hour behind you. I might be able to snag a Friday night spot for the matchup. Ill let you know for sure by tomorrow. If not Id say Sunday morning would be good for me as well.


@Norse_Fury he won 3-1


I guess we can shoot for Sunday morning. I’m pretty busy on Friday.


Good shit, dudes. Points updated:

No problem, wanna shoot for this Saturday or Sunday?


Sure. If it’s Saturday, give me a heads up. If it’s Sunday, I’ll just be hanging around the house all day playing games and watching football =)


Norse Fury dominating. Still rocking Necalli?


@LordWilliam1234 I can play tomorrow, Friday from 11am-4pm pacific.


I can’t play until 8pm EST :sad:


Ah man. I’m going to be at my soccer game and I’m not too sure what time I’ll be home but if you’re still on playing, I’ll hit you up. If not, we can try for Saturday


I’ll be offline at around 10:30pm EST, so Saturday would probably work better.


Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:


Always, but dominating is a strong word, lol. after the 3-1 we played two more sets both ending in 0-3 him. He figured me out and I could not adjust.