SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


Awesome, sounds like a plan my dude!


If anyone is interested, I will host a 4 slot lobby tonight, 9PM EST, feel free to join! CFN - JujuGreendog


@Cyberfish are we still on for tomorrow morning? I should be 10 am EST.


My fault dude, Ive been off all weekend with the wife for our anniversary. I am off work starting Wednesday morning due to some wisdom teeth being removed, but not sure how Ill be feeling. I can shoot you a PM or let you know and maybe we can hash it out Wednesday night?


Yes. Play him while he’s looped on pain meds!


@Cyberfish Ok, just send me an invite Wednesday night if you are on.
I’ll check back on this thread once I’m home Wednesday afternoon.


@Skins4life you available for match tonight?


Anyone on want to run sets? Cfn beagleboy13


@chadouken! any news man?


Yeah, Greenwood was right. Should have been on to take the easy 3-0 against me. LOL. I slept all day. I will be around tonight if you can. If not I should be around this weekend. I am sorry for the delay.


Just seeing this. How about now?


@Starslicer Hey sorry for not responding, yeah I can do it Monday night around 8:30 pm, MST if that works for you? If not I can be on a little earlier Tuesday or Wednesday- between 6 and 7 MST. Let me know and we’ll get our battle on!


Sorry bud. I havent touched a computer or the PS all weekend. I should be available Wednesday night betwen 7-9 CST.


Just send an invite when you are on weds.


Sounds good.


Ready when you are dude. I’ll be in training mode.


SleepyFoxx wins 3-0. I hate Rashid. LOL. Ohh well. Need to get better at the matchup. He is too squirrel and Vega has no answer for corner pressure.


I’m always down for more sets if you want to learn the MU better. Yea, Claw is done once in the corner that’s why you have to stay moblie and keep Rashid in the mid range where you shine more.


For sure. I felt I was getting more done the second set, but I just couldnt stay consistant. I actually have my Qanba drone coming in tomorrow so Ill be practicing with stick for awhile. Need to rebuild the muscle memory from years of pad. LOL.

I also forgot to make it a private server so when I invited you someone else snuck in and I accidentally hit start.


Alright good stuff, got your updated results here for you: