SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


@Greenwood takes it 3-2 ggs dude! Some really tight rounds for sure lol…

Here’s the story so far:

The way things are shaping up, it looks like we’ll definitely have some showdown action!

Replay IDs:



GGs Drift! I lol’d because we picked the same costume and same color, but since you were Player 1, it just gave me the default colors.


I was thinking to myself “holy shit what are the odds of that” lol…


Yea lot of players with point totals of 6.


8-man tournament?


I’m honestly considering that; not really 100% sure what direction to take it as I don’t think we’ve had this many ties in the standings before; the way things stand now we’ve got the potential for 2 more ties bringing the total amount to 8.

I mean we could just do a shoot out like usual, but maybe we could switch it up this time and do a six or eight man tourney in which the top 4 are then entered into The Showdown? Like maybe a Saturday-Sunday thing so as not to try and cram it all into one night and keep everyone too long?

I mean I have no life anyway outside of my kids, so if you guys wanted to just do it all on one night I’d personally be cool with that too if it worked better for you guys.


I’m fine with a tourney. So far I don’t have anything really plan this weekend. But let me know by Wednesday if a six-eight man tourney is the way to go.

Also, I think we could just have the players tie for 6 points play each other to break the tie and then proceed with the showdown if that will make it easier.


so whats the news peeps?

I wanna level up , and get another match fir the Tournament


Yea my kids go to sleep at like 8 pm or so, so I’m in the same boat of no life at night before I go to bed lol.


I’ve been MIA guys, sorry. Been a busy month. You can take me out of rotation if I made anyone miss a match or anything.


I think you’re good @chadouken! I haven’t gotten any grievances from @Starslicer concerning your match and there are still some yet to be played. Still on the fence about whether to continue with the usual Shootout protocol or run a small tourney in order to deal with the ties; I suppose it comes down to how the remaining matchups play out.

All things told, you and Star are the last match up that is still active right now. From what I understand @Skins4life hasn’t been able to get ahold of @beagleboy as of late (though they were communicating equally initially) and @Imsaiyanwil @TheCrimsonPugilist and @SuperNes @LordWilliam1234 have gone decidedly silent in the last couple weeks after scheduling their matches.


People be focused on Halloween.


Yea if it is this weekend I won’t be able to participate. Goin campin for Halloween.


Oh yeah, I forgot about Halloween heh…with the way things are shaking out, I don’t think it’ll be this weekend. Not like I’d have a problem postponing it either way, but…


im still ready for the match whenever.


Have you gotten in touch with @chadouken! to let him know? He was here a few posts back I think…


@Starslicer I can do it on Sunday after 10 am MST (noon Eastern time).


Alright dudes, this begins the final week of action for this run; on account of Halloween everyone has until Saturday to finish up their matches.

The affected players are:

@TheCrimsonPugilist @beagleboy @Starslicer @Videad @SuperNes @Skins4life @chadouken!

I realize that this is WELL ahead of the TM warning, but I’ve noticed varying levels of communication/scheduling (mostly low levels) despite many of the listed players being fairly active on the forum from what I can tell; some as recent as a few dozen hours or so. This isn’t to say that ALL of the players listed haven’t been trying to work something out (Star, Chad), but the majority of those listed have either been contacting one another or seemingly figured something out with their opponent in the thread and then sort of dropped off afterwards.

Neither @Imsaiyanwil and @8bitJose have been active in over two months according to the forum timer, so they have been subsequently removed from contention.

Just to reiterate, everyone listed in this post has until Saturday (5 November) to play their matches; at that point we’ll go ahead with the Shootout to take care of any ties and round out our top six ahead of The Showdown.

I just wanna get this run sorted and get into some tourney action so everyone can get back to playing again, I know some of you have been waiting to get back into it and I appreciate your patience in the matter.



I just wanna say that the pace of this “league” is perfect for me. As someone who has a million things to do wrt to real life, but still wants to stay semi-competitive without playing with random scrubs, this is a great venue for that.

It sounds like a bunch of you are in similar situations, and hopefully feel the same way.


That’s actually good to know and something I was going for when I sort of inherited it. Most of us are older warriors with families or other responsibilities that require us to adult more than we get to play; I just want to make sure you guys are actually able to get some matches in.

Between my new weight training program and visitation/Boyscouts with my little dudes, my work weeks have been pretty busy as of late; and I’ve been doing a pretty terrible job of consistently hosting lounges to keep everyone occupied during the lulls in action because of that which doesn’t help curb the thumb twiddling I’m sure some of you experience between your match-ups…