SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


MB everybody, time’s been hard to find. @SuperNes I’m ready to play you this Friday or Saturday for sure, at anytime after 6pm EST.


i havent been on srk much anymore but if you pm me on discord im sure to get it. i should be in the discord for this and my name should be togenki.

we still havent played yet so.


Never mind.


Shit, I don’t have discord anymore. Can we set a time here and just make a plan to be there?
I’m available after work Wednesday from around 6 MST. On Thursday I have a meeting so I could do it after 9. Friday I have a banjo lesson, but I’ll be home after 7. Can you do it any of those evenings? If not I’ll just take the L since it was my wedding that postponed our match in the first place.


Hi @driftlogic, this friday we will have our combat. TheCrimsonPugilist and me.


That’ll work. Hey @TheCrimsonPugilist sorry I missed this, and I’m sure you know by now but you’re actually matched up against Videad. @SuperNes is matched up against @LordWilliam1234 who’s still waiting on a reply from 'Nes…


@driftlogic hey skins4real and I set our matchup for lastnight got on he was in battle lounge sent him an invite he did t join so went to training mode for a min sent him a another invite he didn’t join the he got off. Sent him a message asking what’s up haven’t heard back?


Hmm, ok thanks for the info. I’m gonna get in touch with him right now and get to the bottom of it.


i can probably take a set up on monday. and id rather not let you just take the L.

To be honest, I don’t even really play much anymore, so i may be free now.


Alright peeps, the deadline has come and gone and I’ve not noticed any results posted here or in my inbox. I wanna start setting up matches for The Shootout; so if the affected players could give me an update if you have one as to whether or not you guys were able to get your matches in that’d be greeeaaat…


@Starslicer and I kept missing each other and never got our battle in. In his defense, I was MIA for a few weeks because of my wedding, so he really shouldn’t be penalized for that if it means he’ll miss the Shootout because of it.


@driftlogic @Skins4life and I weren’t able to get the match in


3-0 vs @Videad in my favor. Good games man!


Alright, thank you everyone for your patience and honesty. I’ve got what I need to flesh out our shootout going forward:

@TheCrimsonPugilist Vs. @Starslicer

@SleepyFoxx Vs. @melflomil

@Skins4life Vs. @Greenwood

The winners of these three match ups will secure their spot in The Showdown!

Here are the final results for everyone tallied and recorded, the archives have been updated as well:

Sorry for the delay in posting this for you guys and happy fighting!


@Skins4life I’m good 6-8pm weeknights and pretty much whenever on weekends (as long as I have a heads up). EST.


@melflomil I’ll be out of the country on Friday and won’t be back until the 21st…so I’m only good for tonight 8-11pm (est) and tomorrow same time. Let me know if that is doable.


@SleepyFoxx just seen this now. Guess we wait until the 21st lol



@skins4life beat me. I defaulted. We planned a time and I forgot.


Ah dammit that sucks to hear dude…ya hate to see this type of thing happen! I guess that puts the first Shootout match in the books then.


Hey. I’m back on today if ur ready.