SRK weekly SFV League 2.0


Cool just let me know when before 8pm


Just seeing it. We can do it now or 6:30. I’ll fire up the PS4 in a few and send an invite


@SleepyFoxx now is good PSN same as my srk tag


@driftlogic FYI, Melflomil took it 3-1


Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!

We’ve got just one more Shootout match between @TheCrimsonPugilist and @Starslicer before I can start putting together brackets for The Showdown; don’t forget to wipe the gravy off your buttons first.


Cranberry sauce > gravy


Whoa, whoa, WHOA…everybody just CALM DOWN. Let’s not say things we can’t take back here…


So looks like this has fizzled out again?


Hopefully not I’m thinkin its just the holidays.


Nope, still alive and kickin! I messaged @TheCrimsonPugilist concerning his match with @Starslicer just yesterday. I’m moving Crimson ahead with a win as it doesn’t look like Star has been on in QUITE some time (a month to be precise) and I’ll get brackets generated for The Showdown.

Is everyone cool with doing it this Saturday evening?


yea i’m cool with that - like 8:45 PM


Alright dudes brackets are up for The Showdown!

You can view them at the following link:

Action will start at 2030hrs. @jasonC looks like you’ve got a by leading into things so starting a bit early shouldn’t affect you I wouldn’t think; I don’t imagine we’ll be starting at 2030 on the nose anyway.


Awesome was just about to say I need It later In the day


Anyone want to run sets tonight?


Damn, I didn’t even check the thread last night. I’ve been pretty dick deep in FFXV here lately…my Cammy is probably SO ass right now I haven’t played in what feels like forever lol…


@driftlogic yea I’ve been busy with work and a backlog of Wii U games I been playing but hyped for season 2


Lounge is up! We’ll be getting started here real soon…


Be there in 15 min


Invite me… if this still happening lol


My bad I forgot we were in different time zones