SRK, Whats the best 32inch HDTV for gaming?

I’m looking to buy one this weekend, Nothing too expensive… :slight_smile:

the one you can afford! haha J/K!
I hear a lot of good things about samsung 32" from people around southern cal that own custom cabs… a little pricey tho…

Look into LG’s. In game mode they work damn near perfect.

Not a Dynex. I have one of those… I wanna drop it off the top of my building. :bluu:

I have an LG LCD tv in my room and i couldn’t ask for a better tv to be honest.

Anymore suggestions? :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’ve read this thread, given it was five topics away from your own.

I would pick up the Panasonic Viera TC-L32U3. It is full 1080p and has an IPS Alpha panel. It is on sale right now on Amazon for $391.99 shipped!

Go Go Go! :smiley:

Aww fuck too late… But i purchased a sony 37inch LED HDTV and im very satisfied it looks beautiful :slight_smile:

up next, Top notch surround sound :slight_smile: