SRK whats your reaction time?


My average is about .250… I know this is pretty bad and accept that I will never be a high level player so I’m ok with it. whats yours?

you can check here

I wonder what reaction time top players have like chris g justin wong daigo… probably godlike :slight_smile:


Jesus man that’s not how fighting games work…



so like.



Taunt Reversal and not get punished.





It’s more like that’s how shooting games work.


lol thats ass just like me, some people can do like .120 and way better


no its godlike :coffee:


0.250 is about 15 frames, and I think is considered the normal reaction time for your average person, so I wouldn’t kick yourself for that.

That’s just pure hitting-a-button reaction too, and during a game all kinds of other things come into account like recognizing what just happened, knowing what to react with, etc. Pure reaction won’t make you a top player, you gotta have all the other stuff too… but I’m sure it helps! :slight_smile:


That’s about average. And more importantly, if you’re basing whether or not you can be a good player on a static and extremely inaccurate method of testing reactions, that’s more indicative of a mental barrier that’s preventing you from becoming a better player.

And not every high or top level player has godlike reactions. Reactions are a combination of natural ability, knowledge of the matchup, and observed player tendencies.


Nos99 is right. 15 frames on the dot.

Now you know you react to stimulus in 15 frames. Practice punishing moves slightly slower than 15 frames on reaction (You may need a partner for this) and figure out just how much time you need to identify moves. You suddenly know which moves you need to fear, and which moves you don’t. You know what options are available to you, and which ones are well-beyond your reach.

You react slightly faster than I do, according to that gizmo, but I can still do shit like DP EX Chicken Wing at a distance, or Abel’s Medium Wheel Kick. So my effective “reaction to input” time is about 22 to 24 frames, and this is online. Now that I know that, I can pretty readily identify what I need to do to shut down my opponent’s options, and whether or not I need to be wary of some of the faster ones.




I didn’t know I was supposed to click when it turned yellow
so I got 15 :frowning:


0.143s from the time of penetration. I am godlike.





So who wants to money match me in Samurai Kirby?



They’re also about how much game experience you have. I’ve played in a bunch of situations from the old arcade days, and in current online. I use both of those experiences to make predictions about what people are thinking, and what they’re most likely to do. I think that’s why you see the same old arcade guys winning most tournaments.

I played this reaction game as if I were playing a fighting game, and I think it’s a good thing that I wasn’t using my startle reflex for most of the trials, because in a fighting game it wouldn’t make sense to rely on startle reflexes. If someone relies on startle reflex to play SF then it means they’re not thinking, predicting what might happen, and they’re surprised when it does.


.285. Last dot actually took .4 because my brain was going “what the?”



I’m guessing everyone doing this test can actually take their number a bit lower. if you’re running a web browser on a modern OS you’ve probably got vsync on, which is an extra 16ms of buffering before you ever see the image. whatever your monitor lags as well.


i’m da bess