Srk while crouched

I always end up doing a super instead. Is it just me?

just do Df, Db, Df

It takes some getting used to. Remember if you hit :db: or :df: (depending on the P1 or P2 side) you’ll get a Super instead of a SRK. Just practice practice practice never going past :d:. You’ll get it eventually.

I hope this shortcut gets taken out so people can’t do that ridiculous crouching SRK thing anymore

I actually use a ps3 ds3.

So if someone does a random tatsu and spins over you, how do you propose punishing them without a crouching srk?

Why? I have no problem with a crouching SRK.

Wouldn’t that be nice? I doubt it will ever happen though. There must be other ways to make the game a little friendlier for newer players. I’d like to see them ditch the shortcuts.

Why? Because it’s noob masher friendly. I’d also like the reversal window cut down to what it used to be in Super Turbo. This game takes effort and time to be good at and it’s a slap in the face of people who put that time and effort in to be good when someone can just wiggle the joystick between down and downforward and pull of a SRK.

This game has pulled a lot of people in, which I am greatful for. However, if you go online you have an entire community (if you can even call it that) of lag fighters mashing on their controls and hoping to god the SRK will land so they can shut down the PS3/Xbox/PC for the day and think how bad ass they are for winning a couple laggy matches. Online is BS to begin with. This game being played online has got to be one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard of. Even losing 1 frame per second to lag is HUGE.

I dunno, I guess I’m sick of playing online (when it’s even good enough to play online) and having my block strings and other combos beaten via a mashed SRK. It forces me to jump in and block. I mean, that’s ridiculous… SRKs are one of the best moves in this game… always have been. But what it didn’t need was a shortcut to make it easier for casual players. SF has always been a “…or get outta the kitchen” kinda game and I feel it should be upheld as such.

People in general would be better. If they had to do the motion correctly and there was a smaller window for reversals then we’d see less mashing in general as well I think people would get better faster as they’re forced to make a conscious decision on block, SRK, tech or escape rather than now where online it’s better to SRK than to block in almost any situation.

Then maybe I suggest you don’t jump in a crouching Ryu. People who are skilled with Ryu won’t have these problem.

And besides, if the “scrubs” who was able to smash their way into SRK, you should be able to beat them if you are not a scrub. Right?

This “shortcut” isn’t any shorter than the regular motion. It lets you srk from a crouching position, it doesn’t make mashing a normal srk any easier imo. You can mash out a srk in any SF game.

I don’t jump in on a crouched Ryu. And I don’t appreciate your assumption at my lack of skill. I know how to play my character thank you very much. That wasn’t really my point though. My point was that the shortcut makes it easier. Despite what you want to say it makes it easier to do this move. The last thing that one of the best moves in SF needed was a shortcut. My gripe is also with hit confirming into a SRK. cLK, cLP, SRK. You can just wiggle the joystick and get this rather than doing the correct motion. It’s too user friendly I think.

And I do beat them. I can beat any scrub and I’d love to show you 'dork if my online worked any better. Way to take that outta context guys… wow. Every fucking time you guys post this bullshit it’s only making me want to post here less. In fact, 'dork… lets settle this. I’ll show you who the fucking scrub is. You wanna call me out? You got it. Send the fucking request, asshole.

Just had an idea too… I’m getting together for a smaller tourney and should have access at the least to Wi-Fi. I might be on someone else’s ID since there should be ample PS3’s there and won’t have to bring one of my own but look for my request sometime past 9:30PM PST tomorrow. If you back out, you’ll never live this shit down.

LOL, I remember you now 'dork. You were the one who sent me a request for a match a month or two back and I smashed you. You taunted me near the end of one of the matches and I went ape shit on you. You then proceeded to tell me about how you lost respect for me or whatever. Fuck you, bitch. I don’t want or need your respect. Are you really wanting to call me out? You think you’ve gotten that much better? Because I can assure you that I would whipe the floor with myself from back two months ago. Not even the same gamer anymore. I would love to show you… I’ll be recording the match if at all possible as well.

Haha, you are getting progressively angrier as you post. having a bad day again? If you are not a scrub, don’t worry about it. Complain about a “shortcut” and how it is ruining the game is a bit overkill.

I didn’t call you out, I say if you think they are scrub, then you shouldn’t have any problem beat them up right since you are a pros and all. Read it again.

BTW, try the OpenDNS solution, I changed my DNS setting follow (hard set on PS3) and my connection is pretty stable so far.

1st option: Change Router DNS Setting
2nd option (only if it still give you trouble): use manual setting for your ps3. make sure you use the provided OpenDNS IP.

I’ve already opened my ports and all that but I’ll give it a shot.

If you catch me posting between 12:30 and 8:30pm PST then I’m at work and usually a little bit tense (to say the least)

I come here so I can hopefully learn something for myself but moreso to offer what I’ve learned to other players. I’m not a pro gamer… yet. I do not come here to have people assume I’m a poor player and make poor choices. The fact that you even mentioned that as a possibility… you must have terrible memory. Nonetheless, 'dork we met in the past and I got the best of you. I have played many scrubby players and I can smash them all if I feel so inclined. My gripe with this shortcut is that it’s encouraging this playstyle and it’s bad for those players as they will not advance in skill. It’s a boring match for me because I have to be much more careful with everything I do. They do random retarded shit and you gotta be ready for a SRK at any time. I just don’t like having to stop block strings all the time in the middle for fear of the person dropping a SRK on me that would’ve been nearly impossible had the shortcuts and reversal window been fixed.

Yeah, i open my ports too, however changing the DNS server is truly the magic touch for my PS3. I’m using Time Warner, so if you are with Time Warner then maybe that is the solution.

What is the difference between a pro and a scrub with the crouch SRK? Absolutely nothing. The pros can do it anytime, the scrub can smash it out. So, at the end… you ended up train your mind to be aware of the reversal.

And you should not hold on the past for too long. We didn’t fight that much because you started to go off at me, and I wasn’t in the mood to get yelled at or cursed out at by some random dude online. And I didn’t feel like having anybody involuntary give me critiques neither.

So hopefully you get your DNS work with the PS3, and we can do some rematch. I don’t take this personal, and you shouldn’t too. You are a cool dude, but temper temper!!!

drama in the Ryu thread!! zomg batman!!!

I don’t have problems with people mashing SRK’s. Even if the shortcut wasn’t there, it’s not like it’s that hard to “mash” out the classic input anyways. And then dealing with it is even easier, especially if they don’t catch on. But I highly doubt anyone here wants to play guys on that level anyways.

I think if you’re getting SRKed during your strings from more “skilled” players then you either missed the link or your block string isn’t a true block string. Remember that your block stun is not the same as hit stun. What might link on hit doesn’t necessarily link on block.

Please correct me as needed, but my interpretation of our common cr.lp, cr.lp, xx hado is that on hit, the is a 1 frame link and is a 2 frame link. Since you only have +2 frame adv on block instead of +5 on hit with cr.lp, the would no longer link on block leave you open to reversals every single time.

Which means your block string should be more like cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp or cr.lp, block if you suspect mashing?

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a thread about srk mashing. Just that sometimes when someone does a tatsu and I’m crouching, I accidentally do a super. Or if I’m trying to link a c.hp or any crouch attack into a srk, I sometimes accidentally do a super instead.

typical man, just LOOK around cuz this question has been asked like 4 times already since i signed up at this thread.

You don’t have to worry about mashing out super accidentally that much because most of the match, you probably won’t have full super in the first place