SRK World of Warcraft guild


Grrr, well, my attempt at getting everyone to play on the same server has failed. I guess people can still use this thread to coordinate.

Ponder and I have moved over to Tichondrius (pacific, pvp).

inkblot -> Ephedra, Tauren Warrior
Ponder -> Choompa, Orc Warlock

how does one join the guild?

one purchases wow and waits for the servers to go up.


GG Alliance.


PS: Inkblot since you dont check your PMs and I already tried sending email about my other username many times… you think I could get my other account back. (Silent ness) I already know my password, but I cant get regular posts on it because it says I’m below 13… when I’m way above it!

Yeah that’s my other account, but it says I’m under 13 on that one O.o?

Go get your copies… at MIDNIGHT!

There’s a good chance I’ll be in on this. Has to be a Horde character, nyah?

I’m going to the Fry’s event today, so I’ll post up server names when I know em, which should be in a few hours.

Tuaren Shaman coming right up in 10 hours! =D
name will be Shirythe
(i randomly put letters together, don’t hate :))

Troll Hunter
Name- Aeon

why not have to guilds one Alliance and the other Horde? That way we could eventually attack each other. Just a question


Just created my account and about to pick a server, here are the server names as promised (West Coast):

Hyjal <— I’m going here

Silver Hand



Or perhaps you could join my guild on the pve server if you’re a little more civilized than the average srk member. :wink:

Server: Kilrogg (normal (non-pvp), west coast, horde)

Note that there’s only consensual pvp on the normal servers. That means you’re much more likely to fight against people who are somewhere near your level, who are actually ready, who are not afk, etc. If challenges like fighting afk people 20 levels lower than you are more your style, you’ll have much more fun on the pvp server.

See ya.

UnholySirlin – Level 0 Undead Warlock

the server that i’ll be playing on:
pvp - blackrock
pve - kilrog

30 min wait to get into Stormreaver > me.

i wanted to be alliance but i guess i can go on horde…

position in queue: 800
estimate time: 55 mins :frowning:

ill edit with info after i get in

An hour wait to get on a fucking server?

GG Blizz you really fucked up now.

Oh, the days when there was only one test server…

They’re paying the price for telling some of us that were the Alpha that we could keep our OG characters, then reneging :clap:

The reason the wait is so long is because they haven’t opened up full server capacity yet, so as not to have WAY too many people in newb zones. That way, they reduce the lag to playable in newb zones. Also, it helps evenly distribute people across all servers. Eventually, they will open up the capacity.