SRK, you pissed me off now I got to put you in your place

My freind gave me a link to this topic and I felt i should sign up, not to play your shitty games, but to put you guys in your place.

Fuck this you assholes on srk really did it this time. first of all smash is still the best fighting game of all freaky time. look at the tournaments numbers dammit. we have a large amount of players that will rape you faggot fanboys all over the place. when you are a hardcore smash player you are highly skilled in every fighting game there is, mainly marvel vs capcom 2 because both games are almost identical in high level play. street fighter is like the easiest fighting game out there was is why srk like it so damn much.

sorry, that I’m being a little hard on you guys, but i feel i should put you guys in your place before other smashers find out what srk be saying about our game. outr game is so good we have our own section on srk becasuse our game is that deep but on smashboards there are no street fighter section because the game is scrub freindly.

Wheter you guys like it or not smash will always top street fighter in the USA muther fuker so deal with it. why do you think smash bros always have the most tvs and tournaments and the most players. because we da best.

Now I’m going to say this one more time, stay in your place. Or the smash communtiy will do it for you by proving how srk games are pure scrub freindly garbage that dont deseverd more then 1 tv at each tournament.

I’m out. Fuck you guys, you are all haters don’t get mad cause smash is and will be on top

pisses on this clown

I lol’d

id say this is a terrible troll but people on srk are so fucking stupid im sure someone will take the bait anyway lol

Don’t trip on the way out.




I’m +repping him.


I’m glad someone finally put SRKers in their place. SRK’s problem is its hard-on for fighting games. They can never get over it, so they refuse to recognize the greatness of games like Smash Brothers, Tomb Raider, and other high-quality platform offerings.

Omfg, Another one? Why do they think we care about smash? :confused:

this OP’s post is more fake than the balloon boy saga

This is the greatest thing I have read all day long.

I like it. Let’s make that an SRK catchphrase.


How about you calm down there Polarz. Some of us need something to do while at work.

Wow. Just wow.

i wish i had your debiating skills! or your skills with the english language… stay in school please.

I aint playin no cartoon game where you slip on bananas and shit.

Seriously. Who cares about “feeding the trolls”? It’s a good time for everyone involved.

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Sf:The movie is the best game of all freaky time


Irony like a motherfucker.