SRKGD EVO 2012 - who's going?


Let’s get a drink.



Get at me FEdge.
Bring your sis (I had to do it before someone else made the joke in a creepier way)


If I wasn’t moving in July I’d be going.

Oh well.


kayo police is not going


There will be plenty of asians there


Are you new here?

Falling Edge is the nerdiest handle on all of SRK…a site where 50% of the users have some variation of “shinorochievilomegakumashoryusuperkawaiiwaifu”.

Definitely down to meetup my interwebz buddies IRL LULZ /fishjie. I’ll be around the ST cabs, look for the short middle eastern man making people shed man tears, or if you’ll be chillin with Val I’m sure we’ll bump into each other at some point.


I’ll be back OZ…so don’t worry about being abducted by child predators.


Zoo: Sadly Jie ain’t coming this year :frowning:

Geese Pants: We missed you last year buddy!


What’s going on in the OP gif. Ain’t no puroresu.

$KILLIONS of dollars?


Zoom in on the Raider’s Cap dude, then he blinks.


I will be there, I know yall were waiting for this moment


I’ll be there, mostly around pools/byoc.


Alright ladies,
Ephidel, boel, Cryoh, FEdge and Geese Pants, shoot me your numbers so I can contact you.


I’m ass at the game and won’t compete until 2015 maybe.
In any case, I’m interested in knowing which famous players are going to EVO 2012.

Finalized EVO 2012 international players list [for SSFIV: AE?]****

International Players
Bonchan (Sagat)
ChocoBlanka (Blanka)
Chung-gon Lee [AKA POONGKO] (Seth)
Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
Dakou (Ryu/Fei)
Dogura (Dictator)
Eita (Gouki)
Fuudo (Fei)
GamerBee (Adon)
Haitani (Makoto)
Infiltration (Gouki/Gouken/Hakan)
Itazan (Zangief)
Kazunoko (Yun/Seth)
Kindevu (?)
Kiyomatsu (Guy)
Kokujin (Ryu/Dudley)
Kyabetsu (C. Viper)
Laugh (Ryu)
Mago (Fei Long)
Momochi (Cody)
MOV (Ken)
Nyanshi (Sagat)
Nuki (Seth)
Sako (Ibuki/Cammy)
Tokido (Gouki)
Uryo (Sakura)
Xiahou (Cammy)
Xian (Gen)
Zhi (Zangief)

Apparently the bulk of the international players attending are Japanese players, with 3 Koreans (Chung-gon Lee AKA POONGKO, Infiltration, Laugh), 2 Taiwanese (GamerBee, Zhi), 1 Singaporean (Xian), and 1 Chinese? (Xiahou).

Strange considering SRK reported the following countries are represented:
[]Cayman Islands
[]Dominican Republic
]Puerto Rico
[]South Africa
]South Korea
]United Arab Emirates
[]United States
Sadly, it seems Latif isn’t going. Apparently, UK representatives Evans and Ryan Hart will be attending as well, and Japanese players Abegen, G.X, Mamespider, Chou, Shimada*, *and Osamu (remember him?), so I don’t know if the *Finalized EVO 2012 international players list *is truly what it is… or perhaps it’s because these players aren’t going to be competing?

I wonder how the USA side is doing. I think Mike Ross, ComboFiend, and ClakeyD will be attending, while everyone at Evil Geniuses seems to be attending


I refuse to have fighting game discussion in my GD!
GD peeps go to evo to chill, drink, and eat. Not to play games.


Ill be there motherfuckers. I got a room solo at the Imperial palace because its dirt cheap, but im down to chill with the GD crew as always.


Oh and just for the record, I arrive around 10;30 am wednesday and leave at 11pm monday night.


i am playing games like a pro, I think i get in wed afternoon and leave late monday night, are you homos seeing imax spiderman that seems gay


I’m considering going to vegas but not for Evo at all. I deserve a good vacation. Looking for people to go club with too.


Im looking to get some srk heads to head over and watch spiderman in imax.

Also, Tournament of Kings dinner show.


$84 for a turkey dinner?..fuck that.

I’ll check out Spiderman Imax with you guys though.