SRKing/QCB after a link [USF4]



i’m not new to the fighting game genre but i wasn’t exactly sure where to ask this.

i have the hardest time consistently srking or doing QCB after a link. for example, i’m practicing some of Ibuki’s basic links:

cr.lp > cr.lp >, QCB+K

I also play Adon and his bnb:

cr.lp > cr.lp >, srk

It’s not the motions I have issues doing, it’s doing them in a link. I can do both cancels above just fine outside of a link, 100% hit rate…but the moment I need to do them in a link, I have a 50-65% chance of getting the result I want. The srk/QCB comes out too early, skipping the move used to cancel into the special attacks, or they come out too late. I understand that if it comes out too early, I’m doing it too fast and vice versa, but I can’t seem to find the time to do either of these consistently. And yeah, that comes with practice but there has to be something more to it, I’m starting to get frustrated because this seems so simple and I’m not sure why I’m having such a problem with it.

I’ve been practicing for about two weeks and I still can’t seem to overcome this. Any advice?


You seem to know what you’re doing wrong already. Be sure to practice with display inputs on so you can have a better idea of what you’re messing up.

You may want to try breaking things down into smaller chunks too. You can already do the normal + cancel ok, how about just doing the link part?


I’m sure you’re trying most of this stuff already, but here’s some stuff that helps me with execution problems. I’ll use the ibuki combo as a reference.

Break down the combo into small parts, and work backwards. You said that doing the st.MK xx QCB K is easy for you, so focus on the cr.LP, MK link. I think that link should be a 2 frame link (+6, MK 5 frame startup), so you should double tap MK (if youre using a stick) in order to extend the frame window to 4 frames. This is will make the link much much easier, but learning to double tap (and plink) is actually harder than it seems. That said, you should practice it and get used to doing them, since they are great tools for executing links in general.

What I like to do is, without even trying to hit the combo, just slowly do the motions precisely while watching your hands. So the inputs should look completely clean, without any wasted motion on the stick. You should clearly see the double MK input (from double tapping), and then the QCB+K. Just increase the speed gradually while keeping the inputs exact. I definitely have this problem, where I as soon I try and put everything together, my fingers just run way faster than my mind and I end up skipping steps or mauling the joystick. Mentally tell yourself to do EACH step of the combo in order to avoid this.

When you start trying to do the full combo in training mode, you’ll inevitably mess it up and the cpu will block, get knockdown, etc. DO NOT stop inputting the rest of the combo! Just finish the combo and check the inputs to see if you atleast inputted the rest of the combo cleanly. Also it sounds like you already know how to diagnose your own execution errors (didnt come out = too fast, blocked = too slow) so you dont need to stop right when you fuck up. This allows you to practice the entire combo input for each attempted rep.

Finally, working on a link for too long actually degrades progress, at least for me. Focus on it for like, 15-30 minutes, then take a break.


thanks for the tips.

i figured out the problem: i wasn’t hitting all of my corners when QCBing/srking (i’d stop my hand when the stick is in downback instead of back while doing QCB).

hopefully i can put all the advice here to use anyway, though.