SRKlive getting abused!?!

Today the stream is getting abused by Peaceful Jay, which I have no idea why. Somebody explain?

From what I am hearing, peaceful jay shut down?

Peaceful Jay > SRK Live

Have nothing against SRK Live though , just that I prefer Peaceful Jay over them .

You should probably reword this as it makes it seem like you’re accusing Peaceful Jay of personally abusing the SRKLive stream. And if you are accusing Jay directly, come on. Try harder. Jay has a pretty enforced “No Racism” policy.

He’s spanding time with his family for the Holidays, he hasn’t shut down. He’s just taking a break from streaming to do some other more important biz. He’ll be back on the 18th.

Whoever that is, he’s not Jay. It’s the same deal as the “Alexvallesf4” poser on IPW. It wasn’t Valle. This isn’t Jay.

Flawless victory…

wait I mean


Well I obviously knew it wasn’t Jay. And trust me I was not accusing jay, I was just shocked of what this guy was doing on the stream. And I have nothing against the streams. If you like SRKLive, then go to SRKLive. If you like Peaceful Jay, then go to Peaceful Jay. I just don’t understand why some people just have big time hate against other streams. It leaves me befuddled. I remember being there on the day the “Peacefuljay4ever” guy was…I guess hacking the stream. Every time he said what he did, the stream would mess up.

Some random troll was hating. Happens on every stream ever.