SRKlive Mod abuse

I was reluctant to post this tread because I thought what I was witnessing was just something that would pass…however I can’t hold my tongue anymore.

What the hell is up with all these new SRKlive mods abusing their mod status? I mean really? Stream monster to Stream mod monster??

I grew up in the days of IRC, way back when a channel @ or moderator had a certain level of dignity. They were self respecting people, people you could look up to. You know the type, mature, confident, self respecting types.

So let me get to my point.

Omgitzandre timeout’s me everytime I’m talk to someone about how he lost a first to 5 vs Unbeatable SSFP. Literally every time. I won’t even be talking to him, but rather someone else, and next thing you know I’m timed out. Why? Because he’s salty, thats why. I mean seriously, who calls out someone to a ft5 (Unbeatable SSFP) of all people, then gets Peaceful Jay to stream it, then loses! Lmao. But that’s not even the point…the point is, any discussion of it will get you an automatic 10 minute time out.

Mike in Flames is another person that is abusing his mod status. I remember the other day I was saying something along the lines of, this player is pretty free. Man, “he sucks”, then next thing you know I’m timed out. WTF? If you can’t handle people talking about you, then you have no business being a mod. It’s like all these people you used to be able to actually talk trash about or talk to in general, all the sudden got their EGO’s pumped up, and rather than actually defend themselves, time you out just because they can.

Well here’s news to you my friends, you can’t time people out at tournaments. If someone starts clowning you cause you lost a match, there is no “mute” or “timeout” feature. You gotta handle that shit like a man.

Just my 2 cents.

Omgitzandre…stay free.
MikeinFlames…stay free.


Scrubs have no business bring mods, lol

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That mod symbol most of the time just means you begged/annoyed or dick rode the broadcaster enough to get the green “MOD” square near your name so that when you type in chat you get payed attention to more.

no fucking way did you seriously type these words. i call troll

Not to mention, these are the same mods that will talk trash about anyone they want at any given time. Soon as you say something about them…10 minute timeout. Just shortly after I posted this tread I witnessed Omgitzandre bashing this Rufus player who just lost a 50 game streak. Saying he sucked, and that he was mashing, etc. I’m thinking to myself, can you be anymore hypocritical? Don’t time someone out because the critize your gameplay, then turn around 5 minutes later and talk shit about someone elses game.

IRC has never been a respectful place. Please.

Also: The average dude that chats in SRK live is usually a dude that has a sense of inflated self importance. You could say he is the Ryan Leaf of SRK.

What the hell are you doing on SRKLive in the first place

Place is ass

@ Viser…

That’s like me saying Oh man, did you see that match between so and so, he got his ass whooped… Big deal right? I guarantee if you bring up Andre losing to Unbeatable SSF4 in SRKlive, if he’s there, he will give you a 10 minute timeout. It’s like bro, it happened, laugh it off, blame lag, blame your mother walking into your room 10 times during the set, blame your pad, blame your dog, I don’t care. But don’t get so salty to the point where you try and silence anyone who discusses it. That’s all I’m saying.

implying you’re not playing on XBL streams for attention.
implying you’re any different from mods.

That’s the point. I’m no different than mods. The problem arises when they start to think they are any different than we are, and thats fine. But carry yourself the same way all the time. If you’re going to be the anal hall monitor type, then don’t talk shit about other players. Everyone knows andre talks mad shit, but the second you talk shit back to him (now that he’s a mod anyway) he will silence you with a timeout.

If you’re going to go around silencing everyone for whatever reason, then don’t act in same way as the person you silenced. You’re not setting any type of an example. Only thing you’re doing is showing everyone that you got a “little bit of power” and by little, I mean none, cause quite frankly who gives a shit that you’re a moderator anyway? But the point is, if you’re going to try to be all righteous and shit, that’s fine. I respect that. But don’t turn around 5 minutes later, talk trash & disrespect others.

Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way…but I seriously doubt it.

omgitzandre: neleb
omgitzandre: they takin my mod status son
shin0ni: you get what you deserve bro.
shin0ni: <message deleted>
omgitzandre: since im not gonna be mod antime soon.
omgitzandre: i perma banned shin

Nuff said…

I found the Chindogg rampage hilarious and sad at the same time.

Does Chindogg still mod iplaywinner chat

Or was it LevelUp. Yeah I think so

Here’s an idea, stop being immature in the stream chats.

You’re asking too much of the stream monsters.

you know who else abuses power?