SRK's 2v2 tourney results for WARCRAFT 3

check the brackets here:

the winners are:

OmniDragon and Jonstar

also congrats to the runner ups

CobraCommander and Night_294

some replays here:

cobra’s team vs [SA] clan’s team

grifter’s team vs chun_li’s team

inkblot’s team vs grifter’s team

Omni’s team vs Blue’s team

FINALS Omni’s team vs Cobra’s team

GG all who played ! :cool:

when’s the next one ? :wink:

I dunnoo but soon, I hope vinsanity can make it for this one eheh

D: me tooo =]

finally a game where jonstar is good


Chun and I got beat freaky style. :confused:


Nice replays…in the finals, it would have been a lot easier to abolish those elementals hehe, but oh well it doesnt matter now.

I would be down for a tournament, but i exceeded my colleges bandwidth limits for the month and im stuck on a very slow connection for October. Jayren on us east though.

edit: weird topic to have my 600th post, but yeay for me

HAHAHA!! :lol:
I completly agree with ya here…this is the only game Jon is good at…