SRK's 30 Most Infamous/Famous (GENERAL DISCUSSION) Posters



An idea I had born out of boredom. Instead of posting about the idea and then letting an endless debate rage on for pages, I came up with a list on my own, and we can debate from there. Feel free to dispute me as freely as you wish.

And yes, I KNOW there are some people I have missed. This is just a first shot done from memory.

SRK’s 15 Most Infamous Posters

15 - Magical Camel Toe
The Low-Down: Was always sort of abrasive and volatile. Snapped one day and really started lashing out. Was banned, but may have been later involved in a hacking attempt on SRK.
Greatest Hits: Will always be remembered for his av of Mario jacking off to a picture of Princess Peach.

14 - rsigley
The Low-Down: Makes outrageous threads about outrageous topics. Gets quite a few people to fall for it. Sometimes backs up the insanity with picture proof.
Greatest Hits: Kissing a dead squirrel.

13 - Spac Lock/ESC Plan
The Low-Down: Originally came to SRK to wreak havoc. Came into threads and flamed random members with crude MS Paint pics. SRK ended up loving their act. The mods had to do their job and banned them a few times but they stuck around. Made an incomplete Flash about SRK members in various compromising situations.
Greatest Hits: Made SA.M British and killed him with a gigantic swinging penis in the Flash animation.

12 - SA.M
The Low-Down: Was originally hated by everyone. Stuck it out and started to earn some respect/at least not be hated as much. Became a major player in the Gaia Wars - is probably still Public Enemy #1 over there. Gained some cred with his “What’s Wrong With Kids These Days?” thread series in which he posted up AIM convos he had with stupid teen girls. May still own RoninChaos a couple thousand of dollars for a rash claim he made that no one could post in the Akuma strategy board for MvC2.

11 - Liokaiser
The Low-Down: Juvenile poster who was obsessed with the game World Heroes. Always made threads claiming a new one would be in the works. Generally just annoyed people with his ignorance and immaturity. Was banned many, many times but came back many, many times. Also had an incredible foot fetish.
Greatest Hits: Could not seem to comprehend that other people weren’t into feet like he was.

10 - Red Queen
The Low-Down: Was merely a low-tier poster before. But then somehow got tangled up with Bloody Youkai and became his “lover” in some fantasy RPG nonsense played out across SRKGD. …Trust me when I say this was The Gayest Shit Ever. Was eventually banned - tried to come back under various aliases but his posting style was always immediately recognized.
Greatest Hits: Please, don’t make me think about it anymore…I wanna throw up as is.

9 - Beatrice
The Low-Down: Beatrice: Was a female gamer, and somewhat attractive, and Asian. So of course, SRK bust a nut all over her. She posted up countless pics of herself and claimed to be modeling. Also posted inane one-liners in pretty much every thread she could. Later became weird and a little hostile.
Greatest Hits: Beatrice: despite the bajillion pics of herself she posted, she will probably be most remembered for her last av of the anime girl getting her head bashed into a wall.

8 - Nathan Summers
The Low-Down: Was obsessed with the dynamic between men and women. Posted up numerous debate threads about it. Rarely ever actually listened to anyone else’s opinion though. Later became obsessed with the idea of rape, and was eventually banned.
Greatest Hits: One of his post ban aliases was Satan’s Hummers.

7 - Yushiro
The Low-Down: Japanophile who just flat out went weird. Posted fantasies about Dizzy from Guilty Gear which somehow eventually became fantasies about anal sting bees. …I’m not making this up. Later, apparently, had a Japanese girlfriend whom he liked to bring up in just about every post. Said Japanese girlfriend went back to Japan, and then was kidnapped by the yakuza and had to be saved by ninjas. …I’m really not making this up. Said Japanese girlfriend was eventually killed, but apparently her horny spirit came back and wanted some hot otherworldy sex. …I wonder if Yushiro had been making pottery at the time?
Greatest Hits: I’m gonna go with the anal sting bees on this one.

6 - master akuma
The Low-Down: master akuma isn’t a GD poster, but his legacy spreads all across the boards. Makes combo vids which are neither practical, plausible, or impressive. Then rags on everyone else’s. Dispute’s well-known and established game info/strategies based on his own way of thinking. Believes that the shoryuken > God. Thinks he is a top player but would not post match vids to prove it. Backed out of a money match with Gunter, who was going to use Zangief to clobber MA’s shotos.
Greatest Hits: Thinks that SFA2 Shin Akuma is more broken than ST Akuma.

5 - colguile
The Low-Down: Your EX Champ. Rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Will smack a bitch if she gets out of line. Has been in and out of jail. Was almost obsessed with the Gaia kids for awhile and played a very big part in the Gaia Wars.
Greatest Hits: Created a Captain Planet thread in which the hate went strong for 25+ pages.

4 - Sexy Zeldie/lovelessemotion
The Low-Down: Both were guys pretending to be girls on the forum. Unfortunately, SZ was before my time and I don’t know much about him. As for lovelessemotion, his first screw-up was posting a pic of a Japanese model that SNAAAAAAAAAKE recognized. SA.M backed SNAKE up, but lovelessemotion was backed by the majority of SRK, including a lot of top-tier posters, and people who claimed to have seen “her” at Evolution. SNAKE and SA.M were hated on for their accusations. Later proved to be right as Ryu Shinnosuke’ produced evidence of lovelessemotion’s true identity. Sparked a debate at one point over whether the people who flamed SNAKE and SA.M should apologize to them.
Greatest Hits: Thanks to his “success” against loveless, SNAKE now calls penis anytime a thread involving Asian women comes up.

3 - evenflow80
The Low-Down: Posted threads about his girlfriend problems. His “gf” was a royal bitch who was more or less exploiting him for money while fucking other guys on the side. People tried to help him but it soon became apparent he didn’t want to listen. His “gf” problems became worse and worse, and people began to really hate him for his stupidity.
Greatest Hits: In one of his last threads, new SRK blood was shocked when akumachan’s response to his call for help was to stand directly in front of the shotgun before pulling the trigger.

The Low-Down: Ah, SONY. Posted threads which were merely cut and pastes from other places. And then could not intelligently discuss the things he was cut and pasting - he would quote a huge post and only reply with “I feel ya dawg…that’s how it goes son…” During his primary run, almost 90% of the threads on the first 3 pages would be started by him, no joke. Had an annoying posting style which included overuse of the space bar and carriage return. Ended every post with “ACT LIKE YOU KNOW”. Was banned more times than is actually countable.
Greatest Hits: Has taken pretty much every “Sony ___________” screen name in existance.

1 - Bloody Youkai
The Low-Down: Started off being a hard-luck case, posting about his lack of friends or a love life and his low self-esteem. People tried to help him but became apparent he didn’t want to listen. Had bizarre role-playing fantasies, and started to become interested in goth/emo. Posted pics of “girls” he thought was hot, but were hideous. Was involved in a repulsing homo-erotic RPG relationship with Red Queen for awhile. Became hated to the point where hating him was no longer cool. However, he started getting some cred from his time in the IRC channel (where he gained his nickname Bloofy) and from his “Beast Mode” in which he’d go all out flaming someone (to the point of emotional breakdown even). Sort of defected from SRK during the Gaia Wars. Made a few brief returns, but is probably still over at Gaia somewhere.
Greatest Hits: Posted a pic of himself with an awful pink mop atop his head he called hair. Photoshop hilarity ensued. …My personal favorite was Bloofy Rain.

SRK’s 15 Most Famous Posters

15 - OrangeCat
The Low-Down: Best known for his incredible and hilarious avatars. But also a solid and humorous poster. And a nice guy - donated premium accounts to some members, and helped to organized the SRK Secret Santa. We may have lost him to HERV.
Greatest Hits: Mummy-B tribute avs.

14 - Adam Warlock
The Low-Down: Well known for his flaming abilities. Lover of BBW’s. Is able to generate a lot of support. Also known for his “BRING THE RAPE/BIRNG TEH ARPE” avatars. Has been involved in most every major SRK event.
Greatest Hits: Got his entire team in the final 8 of the SRK Battle Poll, taking first place with Jotaro. Also managed to get two of his characters into Grand Finals giving him an AW vs AW match, assuring him victory.

13 - ViciousSLASH
The Low-Down: Master of Mackery, and member of the League of Rich White Gentlement with RoninChaos and Insaniac2. Skilled graphic artist, and overall amusing poster. Was a avatar maker before retiring. Known for his av of a very big-tittied Cammy.
Greatest Hits: The picture of him posing on a rock.

The Low-Down: SRK’s resident pimping master. Seen/been through some shit and lived to talk about it. Will drop the truth on you anytime, anywhere. Also well known for his “Classic Video Game Roll Cancels” avatars.
Greatest Hits: Someone tried to GTA him and Koop/HATEFUL RC’ed it.

11 - RoninChaos
The Low-Down: Everyone’s favorite whitey. The leader of the GD peacekeepers. Will not hesistate to check you back in line should you step out of it - usually hits hard and fast. Will say the things other people are thinking but wouldn’t say. Also has fierce debating skills if challenged.
Greatest Hits: Fucking a bitch in the ass for an XBox 360, and one legendary ranting thread (I forgot the name of it…)

10 - Will Gotti
The Low-Down: Very intelligent poster and excellent debater.

9 - The Invincible Swordsman
The Low-Down: SRK’s professional woman connoisseur. Very humorous poster - known for his sexual innuendo threads and a storytelling style in which he personifies various parts of his body. Despite getting married, he hasn’t let that slow down his enjoyment of women. Hosts the SRK Women’s Madness Tournament, and can still be seen around the football threads. Ends all posts with "THIS HAS BEEN THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN SAYING…"
Greatest Hits: The anal sex story. Legendary.

8 - Viscant
The Low-Down: Well known and accomplished top player. Has had some…bad…experiences dating cosplayers. Has an almost unsettling penchant for “being cute”. When fucking a warm banana peel lost it’s appeal, turned to the Fleshlight.
Greatest Hits: Ask him about the Aeris cosplayer sometime.

7 - Jinsogood/Philth
The Low-Down: SRK’s favorite “bad boy” (of sorts) and accomplished flamer. Cool guy to hang around with.
Greatest Hits: The pose-off with Viscant.

6 - Million
The Low-Down: A pervert and voyuer by his own admission. Has an interest in the disgusting/juvenile - torturing insects, turds, etc. Has a friend named Dumbass who is…well…a dumbass. Loves upskirt, panty shots, and the softcore. Would probably creep you out if you met him in real life, but is well recieved on SRK because he’s honest, and hilarious.
Greatest Hits: His “Terrible Choices” threads.

5 - Zero
The Low-Down: The Random Jackass. Very accomplished debater and flamer. Used to speak in third person for awhile, and actually got away with it (though recently he’s gone to first person).

4 - Brandon Lee
The Low-Down: Classic poster who was renowned for his debating skills. This earned him a lot of respect back in the day. Returned recently to find he had some bandwagon haters. His mere presence in a thread still commands attention.

3 - MrWizard
The Low-Down: The big boss man - his dislike for GD is very well known. Hasn’t wiped us out yet, and has even given us some cool stuff, which deserves thanks. Has no patience for stupidity - will take you out if you demonstrate a fundamental lack of intelligence.
Greatest Hits: Cool SRK layouts, and not wiping GD out of existance.

2 - akumachan
The Low-Down: Skilled, attractive female gamer. Also very intelligent and an accomplished debater. Likes anime. Despite the video games/anime interests, is a very cool and down to earth person, unlike so many other of her female counterparts. Attracted a lot of fanboys, but it could be argued that they were deserved. Former GD mod. Was obsessed with smacking people around with a trout for a short time.
Greatest Hits: The Magnificent Bubble Butt.

1 - Mummy-B
The Low-Down: Smart, funny, a good player and a great guy. Spent untold time helping people out with game strats and what not. Was an incredible debater. In general, just a great guy to hang out with. Struggled with cancer and had hardships that we could never even imagine, but hung in there and kept fighting for as long as he could. His struggles inspired all of us to become better human beings. Continued to show us all the ropes of life until the very end.
Greatest Hits: His life.


Very good list. GJ.

SRK Nostalgia

Cisco should have been on the first list.


^whats the story with him?


This list makes me want to quit semi-lurking and make a name for myself, although I suppose I would win the “who the hell is that guy?” award, if there was one.


i would qualify this as a list of the current era, not srkgd all time, as i dont think most of those guys would rate in the long run


Somewhat solid.

There are only a few on the first list I barely feel shouldn’t be.


I joined a random pub game on w3 and that faggot Nathan Summers was in it; both him and his “gf(s)” talk nonstop about personal rubbish and elitism.

Good list though


Sony and bloofy should share the #1 spot


That list was pretty complete and makes me want to add more value to SRKGD.


Haha, I swear me and jae were talking about this last night on #srkgd.


Great list…wow, I totally forgot about keiichi-chan and sa.m. Man they need to come back here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting list Azrael.


Simrock missing?


I miss SA.M’s convo’s, they were top tier…


Wtf?! Where the hell am I? I’m pretty damn infamous around here.


Shouldn’t you be reading “Animal Farm” for a book report or something?:rofl:


Ahhhh I almost forgot about the “Whats wrong with kids?” threads. Those were pretty good.


Think the infamous list might need a bit of tweaking. I remember keiichi being a pretty bad japanophile but I don’t think he caused enough commotion to make it to the top 15. His name sticks but he’s not noteworthy. There’s also others on the list that I’ve never heard of, but it’s possible they were before my time.


I’m reading 1984, actually. Goddamn stupid walls of text. :sad: