SRK's 30 Most Infamous/Famous (GENERAL DISCUSSION) Posters


You were also getting your shit pushed in at Marvel. You came here to try to beat some of us and you lost. Stay free. :cool:


wish i still had the notepad files of all the old mvc2 threads, saw million in there discussing how to play cable it was kinda creepy


I was never known for my wit.

I never claimed I was good at Marvel. I always got my shit pushed in in that game. I loved it, but I was bad at it.


No one is talking to you.


Old ppl reunion :whistle:


He was talking about taking it in the ass so of course he was referring to thrust…


So after all these years, I’m still a scrub at SRK.


I know right.

What is the point of those kinda posts, especially this dude has how many posts by now and wants validation. Or really wants us to play Mortal Wombat with him. Its hard to tell what his deal is. Out of nowhere buttplug grumpiness.

What forum anywhere doesn’t point out interesting/memorable people. Even if its just, the first, the oldest members still around. If someone doesn’t, then who will? Young people jaded no legacy garbage. You can go back to your throwaway forums that ‘don’t do that’ anytime. I bet those shit forums allow a lot more direct hate speech because of the anonymity though.


I still remember that thread ‘^ Describe The Person Above Me’ BlodiaVulcan5 started. That was the reason the 4 minute between post rule started. That thread literally broke SRK. White screen of death and all that jazz.


i miss duckstrong and koop ngl


Wait that new account is Mixah? Lol damn wonder how many undercover OG alts we got just imagine the possibilities…

@WinterMute is @
@rsigley is @“po pimpus”
@DaDesiCanadian is @pedoviejo

The above statements are old drafts from years ago decided to keep it because fuck it lol. Anyways Bump for infinite sadness =/


lol zoo, calling jeebs pedo is about the largest insult you could ever make






sup man, nothing much, heard this place was closing down at the end of the month…a lot of fun memories, especially on mIRC.


LOL haha, wtf.


nobody knows what infamous means


Joined in 2003, never looked back.

Regional threads
Empire vs Team hate.
Blaziniflo and the north FL crew!

Good times


I was actually gonna message you the other day to see if you’d grace us all with your presence around here :slight_smile:

Good to see you around again, old man :slight_smile:


he’s back!!!