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I have edited SRK’s 3s Wiki with info about Alex and Necro so far and I’m working on all the characters in 3s. I provided accurate and correct data as clearly as I can (I’m not a pro on writing tables). I have seen other people contributing to the 3s Wiki, which is great, but not providing correct data about the characters such as frame data and damage data. I would like to change the infromation to make it correct, and possilbly editing exsisting data, to make it slighting/greatly more organized and understandable. I’m not so rude as to just change it, but just wondering what I need to do to change with out causing any conflict…

It’s a wiki. It is not at all rude to edit other people’s entries – that is the whole point of the system. If there is incorrect information, correct it. If someone thinks you are wrong, they will correct you. It says on the front page (and while editing/writing) that anyone who is not willing to have their entries edited to bits should not be writing there in the first place.

(There should be somewhere, either in the forum or on the wiki to comment about the wiki itself. It is fairly clear after Sirlin’s post on the blog that there is a lot to be determined.)


The formating on most of the character data is beautifully done. The data for Akuma, Chun Li, ect ect. The table for Ryu and for Alex is not to eye appealing, and a little confusing. I believe that someone could create simple data sheets like those for Akuma, Chun Li, ect ect and the tables and frame data go in a strategy subsection for when people want to dive deeper into a character.

where is this wiki? does it have frame data for everyone?

[edit] nm it’s on the front page

I’m considering putting english versions of the move names into the wiki to make it newb-friendy. Is it even worth the bother, or will some hard-core Japanophile just edit them back out five minutes later?

I like actually keeping then in Japanese, but it is supposs[sp] to be beginner friendly, So I won’t stop you.

Also, I explain what everything is for on the table in alex’s deal. So if you can read a table, you should be able to read it easyly. im actually thinking of making a simply site with all correct data and info. I understand karathrow but its DC version so…

I originally wrote the 3S guide for Ryu, so any editing / tabling you want to do for it – have fun. The other information is there just as strategies because I never had any accurate frame data (I was going to add it but all my sources were apparently garbage).

in my VS faq, I’ve been writting slang names, followed by their official names in quotes.

makes things much easier, as far as association, and writing go later on.

also. how do you do that fancy character linking shit at the bottom of the a3 faq?(goto juli/juni, you’ll see what I mean)

I tried to xcopy it, but the code didnt turn up in the edit box unfortunately

Click on “Discuss this page” on the page you want to discuss.

It’s a template. Look below the edit box.

I have some quick questions.

What exactly is EX, and how do you do them? I can do Ryu’s EX hurricane which is D, B + 2 K’s.

Are throws stronger than jabs?
I mean in situations where the opponent lands right next to you. I would expect a jab to come out in time for the obvious throw attempt?

Does Ryu’s taunt have a use to it?

What is Kara-cancel, and how do you add extra range to your throws? I remember something about cancelling a special into throw, but very vaguely.

Thanks for help and links.

your ganna want to use the 3s strategy section in the forums for info. (at least until the wiki is completed) all the answers to your questions lay there. also the use the search function it can help when looking for information.

An EX is basically a suped-up special move, you do the EX move by pressing the motion of the special move, but with two buttons (for example, Ryu’s standard hadouken is QCF (Quarter-Circle Forward) Punch for one hit, an EX hadouken is the same, but just press two punch buttons instead of one, the EX version of the hadouken is a two hit combo and knocks the opponent down when it fully connects).

Throws deal more damage than jabs, but jabs has less timing, so they come out faster.

It increases something for him (can’t remember what), but it’s rarely ever used in battle.

Kara-cancelling is when you do an attack that pulls you forward, then quickly do any specific attack afterwards (specials, throws, etc…). With Akuma, his Kara would be s.strong (towards the opponent). Every character has their own way of kara-cancelling, if you want to find out more, there is the new Wiki feature and the 3s strategy section.

personally, I think the way they do frame notation in the japanese strat guides is the best. For multi-hitting moves you can really see how a move hits much easier. Here’s an example for Ryu from the CvS2 strategy guide…

not too bad, but here’s where this frame notation really comes into play…

you can totally see how the hurricane kick super hits.
The orange are the frames when it hits, the yellow is the frames inbetween the hits. It also show the invincibility frames in blue below the regular frames.

Now, how to get this readability into a wiki format…I dunno.

EDIT: special bonus scan I have to show from my new ST book I ordered from japan. It shows akuma’s wierd hitbox for his standing roundhouse. They even prove that this hitbox is there by having dhalsim do a drill over his head and hit him there(the pic next to it)

That type of formatting could be done with a plug-in, but I am not sure if Ponder wants to mess with any MediaWiki hacks as of yet. There is an offical plug-in for MediaWiki that kinda does this (the EasyTimeline plug-in), but I find that to be too heavyweight, and would make maitaining the wiki pages a pain in the ass.

See that the following markup:

ImageSize  = width:160 height:50
PlotArea   = width:150 height:30 left:5 bottom:20
TimeAxis   = orientation:horizontal
DateFormat = yyyy
Period     = from:0 till:60
AlignBars  = early
ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:20 start:0
Colors =
  id:canvas value:rgb(1,1,1)
BackgroundColors = canvas:canvas
PlotData =
  width:15 color:yellow
  bar:test from:0 till:14

  width:15 color:orange
  bar:test from:14 till:16

  width:15 color:red
  bar:test from:16 till:38

TextData =
  textcolor:black fontsize:S
  pos:(17,23) text:"14"
  pos:(41,23) text:"2"
  pos:(70,23) text:"22"

that is what it takes to produce a single graph representing framedata. So something that would take raw frame data (using markup like <framedata>s:14 i:2 r:22</framedata>) and spit the resulting image out would be much cleaner and easier to use. However, the administration seems to be against any advanced wiki hacks at this time (I had suggested something similar to automatically output formatted command strings based on user options, but that was also shot down).

The example code and image are (were?) on WikiMedia’s sandbox, if you want to dick around with it.


what are the rules for editing the wiki anyway? is anyone moderating changes or saving past versions? eg what’s the policy on posting questionable information (“it is a little known fact that…” and hard to prove statements) and opinions (e.g. the best way to play Akuma)…?

There are not many. There are some ground rules laid out on the wiki’s main page (which amount to ‘try to keep the formatting consistent with the rest of the site’, ‘keep all information posted pertinent to the topic at hand (text about Ryu’s favorite cross-ups are OK; text about Ryu’s favorite mikeshake is not)’, and ‘do not be a knob’), but beyond that is really is wide open. Generally just use your common sense and if you do something stupid, someone else will let you know and make what you did less stupid.

Everyone is moderating changes. If someone does not like a change, they will edit it out. It is a little more complicated than that (if you keep acting like an asshole vandalizing pages and starting shit an admin will ban you), but the entire editing process is user-driven.

Every change to every page is automatically saved. You can look up differences in a page by going to the page’s history.

Cite sources whenever possible (ie: if a little-known factoid is from a Japanese strategy guide, name it). Other than that, lay out facts in a manner so that they can be reproducable and verifyable. For more subjective matters (ie: ‘The best way to apply pressure with Akuma is’, just provide as detailed, thorough, and logical explanation as you can.