SRK's Capcom Fighters Network List (aka Grappling Buds)


PS4: off_the_top
Cammy, Birdie




Ps4 Ramendyne
CFN Ramendyne
Characters Chun and Nash
Location Minnesota
Level Beginner maybe slightly higher
Looking for people to help me improve as well as people at my level so i can constantly improve


Character: Ryu.

CFN: Bushido-Zen.

Level: Also Beginner but may be slightly higher.

I’m also looking for people to help me improve, people to train with to help develop my skills.


Psn SnakeofNinjutsu
Characters:Laura, Ryu, Ken
Location: Florida

Holding a ft3 8 man lobby Saturday night event on ps4. Got 2 spots open for the event. Message me on psn if interested.


CFN? Skill level?


CFN/PSN:. Mesenkomaha
Location: Midwest USA
Character:. Gief
Skill level: Super Gold. Above intermediate below expert.

Looking for strong opponents to improve my game.


SRK - denzjr

CFN - denzjr

PSN - denzjr

Platform - PS4

Region - Turkey

Mains - ken, nash, ryu

Skill - pre-intermediate


SRK - crash_and_burn
CFN - crash_and_burn
PSN - crashandburn2016
Platform - PS4
Region - Buffalo, NY
Mains - M.Bison (Dictator) [Intermediate]
Zangief [Novice]
Ryu [Scrub]
Urien [when available]


Spinning Beat | weedandwater | PS4 | Baltimore/East Coast | Vega | Novice


Jeronado | Jeronado | PS4 | Ontario, Canada | Cammy | Newbie


Looking for a permanent training partner who play this games hours a day, and wants to grind it out in long sessions. Trying to become a tourney player.

Vincient Wise | vSapient | PS4 | Long Beach, CA | Zangief, Dhalsim | Intermediate


timetraveller | timetrave11er | PS4 | Asia/Thailand | Ryu | Newbie


wouldnt it be better to order the list via regions then alphabetical order?


SRK: Jahlilwz
CFN: Jahlilwz
Platform: PS4
Region: Morocco/Ivory Coast/Euro
Characters: Nash( Novice ) and second is R.Mika (Beginner)
Skill Level: Novice
I want to improve a lot for Online plays and also later on for tournaments but clearly a long way to go
need a lot of help to train my main Nash so i accept anyone willing to help


That is a great idea! I’ve just implemented it. Good way to go since we had the reserved posts and the database of names has grown considerably. Thanks again for the suggestion.


Vohnny | Vohnny | PS4 | Ohio, USA | Ryu | Novice at best



VaderFett | Vader-Fett | PS4 | USA | Nash | Novice/Intermediate


SRK: JanyX7
CFN: JanyX7
Platform: PS4
Region: Europe, Slovakia
Main: Chun li
Skill: Novice/Intermediate


SRK: Sifu V
PSN: Lord_Grimulus
CFN: Grimulus
Location: United Kingdom
Char: Zangief
Skill Level: Intermediate/ Advanced