SRK's Capcom Fighters Network List (aka Grappling Buds)


makahl | Makahl | PC | Netherlands | Yuri | Newbie


Would anyone be interested in an online tourney? I’d like at least 12 people to participate. The more the merrier though. I can’t do cash but I can do PSN, Live & Steam points (I think). Payouts would work like this.


Let me know if you’d like to join in here. Or should I make a new thread?


SRK: AceKombat
CFN: AceKombat
Platform: PC
Region: USA
Main: Ken

Steam (communication): xacekombatx


Online tourney for SF 5. Come and get this fight money

[](Street Fighter 5 Online Tourn. for PSN/Live Giftcards & Paypal. New Tour. starting 6/...something


SRK: coolboycorporate
CFN: coolboycorporate
Platform: PC
Region: Canada, East
Main: Guile/Bison
Skill: Novice/Intermediate


Kinglegbert | Legbert| PC| Maryland,USA| Bison| Intermediate


Visura | Visura | PC | Germany | Juri | Newbie

Side note: I’m a total newbie in the fighting game genre, just started playing Street Fighter V and would like to find someone to play and learn the game with. I’m fluent in both english and german so don’t worry too much about communiciation :b


ViperPhace I ViperPhace I PS4 I NC, USA I Dhalsim (working on Juri too) I Beginner



I’ve always been an avid lover of fighting games, but I also have never really put in the time to get good at them. I wish to change that. If you’re interested in chatting, getting better, or just helping someone get better, please add me and let’s play. My PSN is Nex-Ianua and my SFV name is DaMayoR.

Thanks for the help!


CFN: JujuGreendog
Platform: PS4
Region: LI, NY, USA
Main: <-
Skill: Intermediate/Ultra Bronze

If you invite me, I will join.


RexEffex | ClubAmerican | PS4 | USA | Ryu | not great…


PSYCHOPOWA | Raidou_ | PC | USA - EC | M. Bison | Intermediate/Adv. Executions suck.

If anyone is up for some extended sparring sessions PM me and ill add you, anyone works but I am looking for a Mika player to practice on.


There needs to be a discord for this. Hardly anyone is going to bother adding people through this and even fewer are going to have more than one set in my experience.


Modiggs23 | HoldDatL | Ps4 | canada | ken /chun | supergold**


Nash player, Silver. I’m a relaxed player but enjoy learning/the grind.

USMCinfinity on PS4


h15c0r3r | h15c0r3r | PlayStation 4 | United Kingdom | Ken | Novice


SRK-Gouki7 | CFN-Gouki7SRK | Platform-PS4 | Region-USA/Northeast | Main-Nash | Skill-Mediocre


CFN-SeeNoWeevil | Platform-PC | Region-UK | Main-Gief | Skill-Super Silver


SRK - Los

CFN - BillDoor

Platform - PC

Region - Italy

Main - Laura

Skill - Intermediate?


Hey my CFN ID is TheOneVexal, reply to thread if you wanna play ^-^. I’m east coast US btw.