SRK's Capcom Fighters Network List (aka Grappling Buds)


PSN/CFN - Kuruksetra

Platform - Ps4

Location - Sweden

Character - Vega

Skill - Mid or so

Would prefer peeps who like long sets and not a ft2 then jet.


SFN: Clutch

Laura/Ibuki main

looking too play against some odd matchups (fangs, Cammy, Juri, alex, Birdie)


Cfn: SmokeMaxX
Platform: ps4
Location: central us
Character: birdie
Skill: barely platinum
Down to play anyone, just message me on here or online. I’d definitely prefer to play anyone that can beat my ass into the ground so if you’re a higher rank or if you play offline regularly, I’d love to grind sets.
Also preference is to play anyone with an uncommon character or a character with a command grab.


SRK - FabrizioP

CFN - FabrizioP

Platform - PS4

Region - Italy

Main - Vega, Ryu, Chun Li

Skill - Intermediate


manbehindthewires | behindthewires/thewires | PC/PS4 | UK | Chun Li | Novice/Intermediate


Platform: PS4
Location: Canada
Character: Ryu
Skill: Super Platinum/Intermediate

Looking to play some long sets possibly FT10’s also down to play anyone Gold Ranked or more.


Merging with the matchmaking thread


I play Ibuki, and I was wondering if there is any players who would like to train with, and help me improve. I know the basics and some of her mixups. I think my weakness is mostly in her frame traps and match ups. My PSN I.D is mastrlockg, my SFV fighter I.D is MasterlockG, and I have a headset for voice chat. Any help would be fine and very appreciated. Hell any new Ibuki players wanna join me and see what we can learn, I’m down for that as well


wurmt0ngue | wurmt0ngue | PS4 | US (texas) | Nash, Guile, Juri | Super Bronze

PSN wurmt0ngue also.

Please add me, I love this game and all my friends hate it. I have no one to bounce ideas off of and train with.




Platform - PS4

Region - United States CA

Main - Guile,Dhalsim

Skill - intermediate


CEE330 | CEE330 | PS4 | UK | Ryu/Cammy/Balrog | Novice/Intermediate


Zro_Colossus | HighTideReset | PS4 | Texas | Alex | Intermediate


Missing Person | MissingPerson | PS4 | Illinois/Ontario | Cammy | Intermediate


Not sure if this is still getting update but I’m in need of grabbing a list of players

SRK - zZuzu

CFN - zZuzu_

Platform - PS4

Region - Texas

Main - Karin

Skill - Intermediate.


Still updating it. You’ll know when I have because I’ll give the post a like. You can also see the date when I edit the post for your region.


JackTenrac! | DollarYen | PlayStation 4 | EAST | Ken with Juri, Akuma, and Cammy next | Feels a bit intermediate


Where in the world is ‘EAST’?



VaderFett | Vader-Fett | PS4 | USA | Necalli | Novice/Intermediate


Srk: KingCoble
CFN: KingCoble
Platform: PS4 (psn: therealceedizzy)
Area: Michigan
Character(s): Rashid (main), Zangief (sub)
Skill Level: Decent

Looking to play some high level online players without jumping on ranked all the time lol.

Also I play Marvel 3 :3


Srk: RagingStormX
CFN: RagingStormX (US PSN), jeffhizzle (PC), Jeffhizzle254 (KR PSN)
Platform: PS4 (jeffhizzle254), PC
Area: San Antonio, TX
Character(s): Vega, Akuma, Zangief, Juri, FANG
Skill Level: Advanced/ProScrub