SRK's Capcom Fighters Network List (aka Grappling Buds)


SRK: WolfLoneThe2
CFN: WolfLoneThe
Platform: PS4 (MarvelAssassin9)
Area: Uk(London)
Character(s): Ken mainly. Play a bit of Necalli on the side but not too well.
Skill level: Pretty good but lack MU practice with a lot of characters.

Looking for games against EU players(Plat and up preferably). The more obscure the character, the better.


Please use the correct format.

SRK | CFN | Platform | Region | Main | Skill


This should be categorized by state not CFN alphabetically. Makes it easier for matchmaking. Just a suggestion. I know there is a ton of names now, so it’ll be a pain in the ass to reorganize.


Quick char update:

Larthy | Cathrao | PC | Czech Republic | Akuma/Juri | Novice


I dunno if this keeps getting updated but I’ll leave this here

ZioSerpe | ZioSerpe | PC | Taiwan | Laura/Juri | Novice

just for the record I play some Laura but I am currently trying to learn Juri, wich I’d prefer and skill I had down novice, but is more like laughable


mut3sil3nc3 | 8o1MuTE | PS4 | USA, Midwest (Fiber 1ms ping) | Zangief | silver - gold


Is there a thread that hooks up other people with fiber connections somewhere?



VaderFett | Vader-Fett | PS4 | USA | Ed | Novice


Could you update my entry to show I main Abigail please?


In need of a lot of games, have a fighting game background but this is my first SF and I’ve never played on stick until this game… come kick my butt and teach me stuff

Peezy| CFN:Peezyy | PS4 | USA (NYC) | Ryu | Ultra Bronze/Silver


I’ll be learning Sakura on my new CFN: Sakura_MrFlowers.


NCK_Feroce | NCK_Feroce | PS4 | Italy | Zeku | Intermediate


Fresh314 | Fresh314 | PS4 | USA (NY) | Chun Li | Platinum


Bea_Iank | Bea_Iank | PC | Brazil (South area) | Zangief | Novice to Intermediate