SRK's Capcom Fighters Network List (aka Grappling Buds)


XBroken13 | XBroken | PS4 | PA/NJ East Coast | Ken (at the moment) | Beginner/Intermediate I guess

I grew up playing SF and was always better than my friends, but in the last few years I’ve got really into fighting games, specifically sf, and have just started recently to play in a serious manner. My problem is I know a lot more than I can translate into my playing because of lack of experience and muscle memory so I’m looking for people of my skill level to run some sets with and help each other get better and also players that are more skilled that don’t mind running some sets and working with me to help level up my game. I pick things up fast and am dedicated to learning and leveling up my game up a whole lot.

I’m hoping to start competing and see where things take me. Don’t hesitate to drop me a message on PS4 or add me up and we can play whenever.

I dunno if this is allowed but my PSN ID is XBroken1 (sensing a pattern yet? lol) so don’t hesitate to add me or send me a message and just let me know you are from srk. If this section isn’t cool just someone let me know and I’ll remove it.


PharahSoul | HighPower | PS4 | NY East Coast | Laura | Intermediate


VaderFett | Vader-Fett | PS4 | USA | Cammy | Beginner/Intermediate


6ix | RunUpFam | PS4 |Toronto, Canada | Laura | Brand New - Eager to improve


Norse_Fury | Norse_Fury | PS4 | NA East | Necalli and a scrub zangief | beginner-intermediate

I’m up for watever just gotta let me know through a message first so I don’t blow u off while playing someone else or smoking

Desperatly need to work onmatchups with the female cast as well as sim and birdie


Have played against Norse_Fury in USF4, confirming he is fun to spar with.

larcat | larcat | PS4 | Chicago | Ryu | Newbie

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What’s up man we gonna have to get some 5 matches in!!


Soon! I’m still figuring out how to push buttan in this game :smiley:


RagingStormX | rsx254 | PS4 | South Korea | Vega | Still can’t beat Poongko


awkwardscrub | shoveljon | PC | Detroit | Mika | Beginnermediate


cdp-jackie | Jackie_ | PC | MEXICO | RYU | Begginer


Riot55 | Riot55 | PS4 | Indiana, USA | Necalli | Intermediate/Advanced


Shumabot | Shumabot | PC | Massachusetts, USA | Ryu | Beginner


I’m online I’m bout to start inviting people. DarkMclongshanks


Hi, I’m looking for someone to spare with to develop skills. I’m maining Ryu and am not very good. I’m hovering between 500 to 800 LP at the moment. I’m in Melbourne Australia so anyone who is interested let me know! Psn name is SubKrypt

JTShredder | SubKrypt | PS4 | Australia | Ryu | Beginner

Psn- SubKrypt

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SRK - PlasmaWaffle
CFN - PlasmaWaffle
Platform - PC
Region - Vancouver, Canada
Main - Karin
Skill - Advanced


You’re from vancouver?


SRK | robo sol
CFN | hazmatt
Platform | ps4
Region | West coast - Cali
Main | Bison / Birdie
Skill | intermediate-ish


TheOneVexal | TheOneVexal | PS4 | Florida, USA | Necalli | Intermediate