SRK's Capcom Fighters Network List (aka Grappling Buds)


As a Venezuelan, I know that there’s no way you have a connection that works for more than buffering Geocities websites.

(I’m kidding, the struggle is real. I am sorry to hear of your imprisonment.)


PANDEMlC | Pandemic| PC( | Georgia, USA| Birdie/Gief | Intermediate


DEADVII | DEADVII | PS4 | UK | Cammy/Vega | beginner/intermediate


x-xODIEx-x / ps4 / central / nash/geif/f.a.n.g / beginner


purbeast | PS4 | east coast | Ryu (until rog comes out) | intermediate


FAI_CW | FAI_CW | PC | Germany | Chun-Li | Intermediate

I’m looking into learning Cammy aswell.
I welcome any challenge, Grapplers do seem to give me the most trouble, so practice partners for these characters wouldn’t hurt.
In case you want to play, please add me on Steam aswell at FAI_CW for easier communication :slight_smile: Thanks

Surprisingly, even crossplay across the globe seems to work pretty well, I tried that with my buddy in Canada.


Anyone willing to help me out with this game a bit? I feel like I have a hit a wall already lol This is the first SF game I have actually tried to learn and felt like I started off ok, but now I feel like I am constantly being outplayed against just about everybody I am matched against and could use some advice/tips. Any help will be appreciated.

SRK - Blade4693

CFN - Blade4693

Platform - PS4

Region - U.S

Main - Karin

Skill - Newbie/Beginner


Willing to grind until carpal tunnel sits in. Have any/all voice options available to me! Very big into competitive learning coming from RTS/MOBA games.

SRK - NapalmCL

CFN - NapalmCL

Platform - PC

Region - Calgary, AB Canada

Main - Ken

Skill - Newbie/Beginner


Everdred | Machias | Ps4 | East coast | Birdie | silver


fattywinnarz | Fatty_winnarz | Connecticut | R. Mika | Beginner-Intermediate


mr. tibbs | mr_tibbs | PS4 | Western US | Chunners | Intermediate

I suspect plenty of people posting here are just being humble, but I really am only Intermediate. At best. Maybe I’m actually Novice.

Oh dear.


VenomCL | VenomCL | PSN | Northeast US | Ryu | Novice

I’m hovering around the bronze/super bronze line in ranked and I’d love to just get reps in with anyone I can. Just want to get more matches under my belt and refine some more.


Humpo72 | humpo72 | PS4 | UK | Ryu | Beginner




Imperor | Imperor | PS4 | US | Cammy | Intermediate


CreamPUFF_MAN| JoeJoestar| PS4| Texas| Ken| Novice


TheCrimsonPugilist | SuperCaptainAce | PC | New York | Necalli | Intermediate

I’d be glad to level up with anyone who wants to play! Really liking SF5! Wanna get more competitive, so I’m planning on going to my first tournies this year.

Steam is the same as my SRK if any PC players wanna add me there aswell.


SRK: NiiGHttMaR3
CFN: NiiGHttMaR3

Looking for some battle lounge buddies to run sets


Tyflosion/Tyflosion/PC/NE USA/Nash/ Novice


soyu21b | BloodMustTalk | PC | New York | Cammy/Sim | Novice