SRK's Capcom Fighters Network List (aka Grappling Buds)


SRK: TheBlackHombre
CFN: TheBlackHombre
Console: PS4
Region: USA - FL
Character: Necalli
Skill: Intermediate-Advanced


Have added the UK based players, will add Sel_Feena when im home from work


Chipstick | jurisjurgen | PS4 | UK | Chun Li | Novice-Intermediate


outlawEva | outlawEva | PS4 | USA-east coast | Nash | Novice

You can also add me on PSN if you’d like, the name is outlaweva on there as well. I have Nash listed as a main but i’m currently trying out Birdie, Fang, and Mika.


Epale pana

Si aquí el internet es una cagada jajaja y Venezuela es prácticamente como una prisión estamos de acuerdo.

Sorry for the offtopicness

PC people add me on steam ElectroManiac :stuck_out_tongue:




SRK: Yagamifire
CFN: BlackWarMachine
PS4: Yagamifire

Intermediate player. Learning Necalli. Coming over from MKX, SF4 before that and SFII (all) even more before that.

I’m sitting at Super Bronze right now and am all about getting better. I can help noobies at least grasp the basics also if that’s what someone is looking for.


SRK = LunaKage
CFN = LunaKage
Platform = LunaKage… I mean, PS4
Region = Midwest (Michigan)
Main = Karin
Skill = Intermediate Advanced Novice Mk.II


Retrograde | Retrograde | PC | United Kingdom | Karin | Beginner
Also Retrograde on Steam (with bridgestone icon)

Looking for some peeps to train with :slight_smile:


SRK - LoneWolf80

CFN - Lone_Wolf80(LoneWolf80, like my SRK name, was taken already.)

Platform - PS4

Region - Upstate NY, so Northeastern US/Canada should be fine.

Main - I pretty much only play Chun, though I’ve thought about learning Mika.

Skill - I’m usually around the 1,500 to 1,800 league point mark. I’m a scrub!


Platform- PC
Region-Southeast (ATL)
Main-Laura thinking about using karin
Skill-beginner only because i keep bouncing back and forth from bronze to super bronze


Shari | Sharizord | Steam | EU-North | Vega | Beginner


Demigod808 | Demigod808 | Steam | US West | Ryu | Intermediate


Hablaskakaf | Hablaskakaf | Steam | Brisbane, Australia | Ken/Nash | Intermediate


Sugami | Sugami | Steam | UK | R.Mika/Karin | Beginner/Intermediate :slight_smile:


SubSonicAK | SubSonicAK | PS4 | Vancouver, Canada | Birdie | Beginner/Super Bronze-ish

Edit: updated to reflect new main and somewhat better (?) level. Getting there slowly…


Rayne | Techular | PC | UK | Birdie| Ultra Gold

Birdie player looking for a decent Nash so I can practice this horrible matchup!


thecapsaicinkid | SeeNoWeevil | PC | UK | Gief | Lupe Fiasco (I kid, intermediate)

I can’t actually private match at the moment as I’m one of the poor saps who has the Battle Lounge disconnecting issue.


ironman1478 | ironman1478 | PC | California | Currently Ryu | beginner/intermediate


chuchoyei | marinn | PC | Mexico | Mika | Beginner/Intermediate