SRK'S comedic avatar thread

If you have a ‘funny’ avatar and you know the general populace of SRK would agree, post in here for people to see. Not saying my avatar is funny or anything mind you. I think it sucks. If you change your avatar leave a link or something to the old one. I think I’ve tried to start a thread like this before but it died apparently. Hopefully this can be a collection of all the funniest avs on SRK. I know I’ve seen a lot myself. lol

I like SunocO’s av.
Stupid Geico commercials. :rofl:

His av also includes the “Aegis by Calvin Klein” av that was entered in ABC #3.

your have is the best on srk lol

This’ll add some new life to IMM! Hope it stays up yo. For realz. I forgot who it was, but someone in GD has an avatar with a military dude on one side, an asian chick with a black eye on the other, and in the middle it says ‘ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO FIGHT WITH ME?’ Sure it can be kinda…‘wrong,’ but that shit is some…funny shit (if you get where its from, but c’mon, this is SRK). Chiyeah.

thats MOD lol great av

I was going to enter this on ABC #14 but its not good enough. lol
homage to one of the greatest Simpsons scene ever.

^god tier funny. rep’d.


nothing at all?

Wow :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: .

My av and the one quiche made for me with oro eating smurfs, but thats because i find random funny.

lol Sheng-Long that ish is funny as hell - ToyRobotTerror yours is funny too lol urien getting ran over by a tractor,who the fuk is that flying on that shit Harvey Birdman I can’t tell lol keep ‘em comin’,I wanna see some of those 300 avs where Leonidas is screaming and shit lol

omg why do people keep doing this?!?!

ihave no idea who made this:

av’s by Quiche aka Sol Goodguy


That was needlessly elaborate :wgrin:

Whoa that’s ridiculously awesome on so many levels.

“feels like I’m wearing nothing at all…nothing at all…nothing at all…”


lol that Guilty Gear baseball is pure genius, even has Kliff.

What did I do wrong? :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
Who did the what, that I also did?
I’m confused!

people making beast avs and not using them for the ABC

Worthless did the same thing