SRK's First & Last Waifu Poll: End of the World Edition


I’ll never leave mai waifu @angelpalm



No akumachan or DAT MADDEN option? Really?

And no SA would not pick sapphire, his heart is spoken for.


No ST-era girls allowed.



Angelpalm can’t vote for himself disqualified


Matriarch is pretty chill and hilarious when she’s ripping on someone.

I’m hoping she looks like this

@Matriarch - do you?


Native Indians wear moccasins. Sorry, mah nigga.



So did you start up a new branch of the Foot Clan in DFW?


There’s a reason Angelpalm is Aeris in my FF7 savestate.


Not when they wanna be stylish, homie!



why did you make us think of self love regarding him doing that to himself

rather than I dunno the Damned, who won’t shut up about his asexuality





sorry angelpalm, i like your handjobs and all, but mantriarch is my beloved

i remember when i posted my taser thread she was all like: "HA YOU DESERVED IT! FUCK YOU!"
and i was all like “yeah i bet you do wanna fuck me” and she was all hot and bothered

love at first sight

and after much moar trolling i got her to post one pic

since then i have been questing and thirsting for moar pix but no luck


EDIT: altho now that i learned @affinity is a chick i am tempted to change my vote, but only if she posts PIX


How the hell is my understudy @Matriarch gonna have almost as many votes as me?


I’m a little insulted that I’m not up for grabs here…



Voting for Yuna due to the tier list threads.


who are all these people?


@affinity I’ve got you bby don’t worry.


I’ll grab it if you know what I mean…



Wheres Ryu Shinnosuke’?