SRK's Graffiti Thread


What up. Thought we needed to start up a Graf thread. A place to post our work (freehand or stencil), your local scene, discuss techniques, urban tech, artist, and everything in between!



^ great site, forums and a killer shop

#3 lots of good stuff. got some decent caps from there store too.


don’t forget to show the graff around your area. also is a REAL good place for caps and what not. thanks for getting the thread started up. also to get some dope effects and what not anti-freak holding the can upside down works wonders. let’s get this thread rollin i’ll start it off, just some stuff that’s around the seattle area


so i’m guessing no one else on SRK is into graff?


Into it, just couldn’t do it for the life of me. I enjoy looking at it. I like the fuxthepopo one.


wow this thread is dead

anyways going to be posting some of my art before too long. im new, so keep that in mind. probably pump out some graff/mix media shit as well.

even if no one wants to throw up there own work. go ahead and throw up some artist(local or not) whos work you admire.



Decided that I want to put one of banksy’s pieces on a shirt, yes UNTRACEABLE is my brand name


I’m gonna have to take a picture of the trains while they’re rolling by.

Lotta good artwork on them cars [no bullshit].


I used to be really into it, drawing al the time and spending most of my money on cans&caps. Last couple of years I haven’t had as much time on my hands as before due to work, so I don’t draw as much as I used to. Rather saddening at times…


i’m a graffer although i normally use puregraffiti for my internet graff needs… imma need some time to go gather up some of my pics… i’ve been outta the game for a few months while i focused on my gaming… but here’s my photobucket page… it’s full of stuff from my BB and some of my older (incredibly suckier) stuff:

… lemme know watcha think… btw thanx for starting a graff thread originally i didnt want my graff to be associated with my SRK account… but i’ve relized that it doesn’t matter

EDIT: totally diggin your stuff Smrk… it’s all real clean… hit me up if you wanna do an exchange… that is if you wouldn’t mind my lesser level of skill…


Sure, man :smiley: my skills are nothing to brag abbout, so I really don’t mind. Will try to gather some more of my stuff, as most of it is on my home computer. At least it will get me drawing again, if only a bit :slight_smile:


found some stuff. the quality is shitty, 'cause I don’t have a scanner here, so I took pictures with my phone…


That bottom right one is beastly.


Wanna start bombin’ when I go to college, always loved the style. Thanks for the links.


Ill try to bust something later.


added some newer stuff


I’m liking that COOKIE one, and not because it’s named after a food. I like the look and coloring of it.


IT’s my ex GF’s cats name :smiley:
most of these are just quick line drawings, finished with markers for color. The colors seem to be slected from a crappy collection, asm most of them have dried out already, and I’m just too lazy to go and buy some new ones…



I would like someone to make my name in graffiti, it would be the artwork for my next stick


much appreciated