SRK's Kaillera BADLIST

Ok, there’s been some talk of this, and I decided to go ahead and make the thread. What this thread will do, is make a list of all the people with bad attitude on Kaillera that people come across, and generally make Kaillera the shithole that it mostly is.

Why am I making this thread? My suggestion is to have this thread open when you join Kaillera, and hit ctrl+f to search the name of the person you’re playing. That’ll save some time playing against trolls/autofire users/players with a terrible attitude.

This thread has the potential to de-rail quick, so I’m going to institute some rules.

1.) The Badlist will always be in this post, I will keep editing it as the list grows.

2.) You need to have at least two-three people backing up the claim, who can post in this thread. I realize this is hard to do as some trolls keep changing their names, but this is so that this list doesn’t turn into a list of people’s personal grudges.

3.) The only exception to Rule 2 is if you can provide pictorial proof. Make sure the chat window is visible, press print screen, open paint, hit ctrl+v. Upload it to for free. That simple.

4.) Suggestions will go in the nomination column, with a number indicating how many votes this person has.

Of course, the accused can always defend themselves, and if there’s a general consensus, i’ll remove them.

I’ll edit this post as I think of more rules that will make it better, and to start including people.


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The BadList


I don’t think this is a good idea…the concept of who is “bad” is pretty relative. Noobs that refuse to learn when I critique them, find me an asshole, although I really don’t care. Some people just find you an asshole if you don’t say “good games”, even if the games clearly were not good.

For me, bad games occur when the person I’m playing is disrespectful.

Common forms of disrespect on Kaillera, IMO :

  • Leaving the game without saying bye
  • Leaving after winning or losing one match
  • Leaving without previously saying “last game”
  • Insulting
  • Being too cocky. I think it’s alright if you are playing a freind and you are joking with him, but with someone you don’t know it just makes you look like an arrogant asshole

Howerver, I will never give bad games to somebody if I don’t like their playing style. For me, it’s all about attitude, and human qualities.

Also, I only say ggs if I really mean it. Otherwise I only say bye.

Same here, although I always say gg, even against beginners (I view it as the equivalent of saying “thanks for playin against me”)

What’s stopping people from impersonation?

That’s why I instituted the nominations rule. It’s not surefire, but if someone has a rep people will defend them, and they’re welcome to defend themeselves. Either way, I see this thread isn’t going to take off so forget it i guess.

I’m sure pretty much everyone will agree that KOF GOD is an idiot to be avoided…impersonates, talks trash 24/7 (with all caps), has been banned from the server like 20 times. Also, avoid Rice, no explanation needed.

put “general tso chicken” on there

& i can vouch for luckychronos, chibipotpie, ax0r, gobbluth, kakaka, arch, kyokujin, magicwonder, fatherbrain, “X”(who uses some other name now), cbyer… others but they don’t come to mind right now.

Well personality l never had trouble with everyone just a few guys that talk smack and say and there going to beat me when in the end it’s the other way around. And after l beat them they just leave and say iam not good but iam thinking l beat up this guys and he had no chance at all and he tell me iam not good he must be d.isillusionial.

Just because you beat someone doesn’t mean you’re good…he can be making a statement in general. In fact, I find it funny how some people say I’m good just because I beat them, as if beating them is the deciding factor of being good or bad.

Lol, this list would be huge if anyone ever bothered making one.
KOF God tried to join my LB game again yesterday. Wonder what his agenda was, because he was trying to con me into letting him play again.

Yeah, he wanted me to play kof2k2 as well…after I beat him and left…and after he kept calling me a noob.

of course not when in the end it comes to how you play . Because there are alot of noobs online really man but its a diffrent point when they got off some victorys off you but it doesn’t mean your better than them it means that they can hang with you :wink:

I’m truly honored… asshole…

You’re a total nerd for starting this thread in the first place.

Took you 4 months to notice?

I was banned for six months for threatening bodily harm to a mod. Though, anyone that’s ever played me on kaillera knows that I’m not a dick, unless someone else dicks me first.

Some of you might not remember, But Sk8terfox was a faggot, If he perfected you using red venom he took a screen shot and exited. Another old player was bjtheballa, Noobiest fuckin kaillera person ever. Other than that I cant remember anymore from my kaillera days.

sniffle I feel honored you included my name in there.

:rofl: Sk8terfox, ahh the memories.

Bad List
belmont AKA “teacher”, cosmic space hero, let’s go
DRcsyntax AKA Syntax
Saint AKA garuda

I think that’s pretty funny.
A lot of things can be funny in retrospect even though you were super peeved at the time.
Like this one time I was playing this guy in Garou. I was about to beat him and he switched the controls (f5) and beat me.
I think it’s pretty hilarious now, but I was super mad at the time.