Srk's mafia game iv : shoryuken's summer


“It’s another great day here in Shoryuken City. The temperature is a perfect 78 degrees and they finally decided to take Rebecca Black’s “Friday” off of Youtube. Here’s to another perfect summer’s day in Shoryuken City”

Old man GCL cuts off the radio and watches all the young kids play in the streets. He walks to the back of his yard to attend to his award winning flowers that he place first in every division at the Shoryuken County Fair.

“Hey everyone, lets play hide go seek!” Kaz says with pure excitement.

“Uggh again? We just played that game yesterday. It’s not our fault that you were grounded for spraying Meris in the eye with your watergun.”** Puff** scolding Kaz over the incident that happen last week.

“I don’t see anything wrong with that, tho.” Kaz saying with his hands in the air like he hasn’t done anything wrong.

“It was filled with vinegar! Stupid!” Pimp Willy pushes Kaz for not being apologetic over what he done.

“Fine! Meris I’m sooo sorry for you crying like a baby and getting me grounded. Can we please play hide go seek?”

All the kids gather around the light post.FlyingWonkey, cool kid who decided to use roller blades and skated his cool self to the light post, was the first to arrive.SwBeta was the last kid to show up, because he’s all asthmatic using his inhaler like ever 10 steps.

“Alright,everyone’s here? Papa Rhino stop eating the dirt! Icege help wipe the dirt off his mouth and hands. Dude, Black Jesus, what is wrong with your little brother Papa Rhino?” BullDancer says shrugging.

"Keres, since your mom baked those God awful cookies yesterday, you’re going to be it! " Zephyr points to Keres with anger like the monkey who wants to kill Chris from the Family Guy.

" You know the rules, no peeking when counting 20 down to 0, everyone else you can’t inside your house and do not go into GCL’s flower bed!" SwBeta all out of breath reaches for his inhaler
"We all know what happen last time?Right, Mr. I like to step into his flower bed and get poison ivy all over my body a.k.a.

All the kids laugh and point at** SoVi3t**, who seems to finally get over the rashy situation.

As Keres starts counting as all the kids decided to run and hide. Wyde hiding behind a tree near base, Code=Blue hides behind the Santa Claus and his reindeers.
(You see, his family don’t believe on taking down Christmas themes in his yard. What a weirdo, I know!!!)
Before the game can even fully start.
P.Shrimp and Orochizoolander
let out a big scream as they see old man **GCL walking slowly with a shovel jammed into his head. Blood all over him, he walks a couple more steps towards the light pole…" NOT IT" He falls down dead with a note attached to his bedazzled overalls.All the kids come out of hiding to see the now dead GCL **laying right in front of them.

**BlueNu **reaches down to pick up the note,but **Syke1 **snatches it and reds it out loud:

" This is just a sample of what you little punks are going to get. All you guys are going to die by the hands of us!
-the other kidz."


**powerbomb and Doofeshmirtz **peed their pants.

16 civilians/ shoryuken kids
5 mafia/ other kidz

Players left

6.Black Jesus
11.Pimp Willy

Dead -----> Role

*You can only use no lynch vote on day one only.The duration of this game after day one,you can not use no lynch; someone has to die.

Inactives: I will kill you if you do not post in the game and don’t give me a lynch vote via pm. You only get one warning from me, you fuck up after that you’re out the game.

If you have any questions concerning the game and rules, please PM me. I will reply back to you A.S.A.P.*

You guys have until 72 hrs to send in your votes. That’s Thursday @ 10:35 central time.
If all votes are pm to me earlier I will do the write up and continue with the game~

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/and my god, who’s bright idea was it to have a timer on sending people PM’s?!?! Shit is bananas


Random lynch to start. Lynch Keres.


Reasons: His mom sucks at making cookies and he was “it” in the main story.


No lynch?


Well, upon further review, I didn’t realize votes were gonna be quiet for the most part in this game. That defeats random first day lynch :frowning:


Well, I guess not, since we can announce it. I don’t like day one no lynch because I feel it doesn’t give us any clues to work with. And since we can’t change votes, I will wait to send it in but as of now for sure it’s gonna be Keres night one. Wait a minute. Fuck that. I’m sending my lynch vote in right now I know exactly who I’m voting for lol.


Oh, Keres, I didn’t vote to lynch you :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, I already sent my vote in.


“Bedazzled Overalls” haha
Right now i’m going no lynch


I am civilian for the 5th time in a row, and I will lynch a Mafia member in day cycle 1 for the 5th consecutive time too. Fact.


No-lynch is almost always a terrible idea, statistically.

Hi everybody.


@icege & @Doofen: Why do you feel no lynch day one is the best option?


16 SRK kids? Hmm…TZ peeps are suspicious.

We will probably get a no lynch since this is the only time to do so.


Well, I’ll give a plus to no lynch, it gives the mafia only one kill a cycle and gives the UC time to investigate so there is that.


I dont think its the best option, I’m just waiting for others to join in then I’ll lynch later.


Makes sense to me. You didn’t mean no lynch this round, just that you had no vote yet oh derp


I can’t think of a reason to lynch out of the gate in this game. There’s no killer that eats no-lynch this time around, so it could be our best possible move day 1


No Lynch is generally bad play because:

  1. Lynching is the only weapon the town has.
  2. The relative downside of mislynching town is miniscule compared to the potential benefit of lynching scum on day 1.
  3. One night’s worth of investigation will give the UC one confirmed townie (or scum) to work with. With 20 players, getting one confirmed town is a very minor benefit compared to the cost of losing a lynch.

Once again, because the lynch is the only weapon the town has (aside from vigilantes), and the town only has X number of lynches before they reach a lynch-or-lose situation. Therefore, giving up lynches is statistically not in the town’s favor. No-lynching arguably has some purposes in the endgame, but not on day 1, pretty much ever.

I know that lolrandomvoting gives people the heebies, but it’s still literally better for the town’s odds than throwing away a lynch entirely due to the tiny chance that you might hit a power role.


Oh… guess I didn’t think about it that way. I was in the mindset of the last game where it made little to no sense to no lynch based on the powers setup


Meris claims he will quit a mafia game if he’s ever selected mafia :eek:. He also has great intuition but doesn’t, or at least didn’t, put forth the energy to convince people, even when he’s in the right.