SRK's MK Good Games Thread - Offline/XBLA/p2p MAME/PSN/DS


Post GGs in here for any MK matches you play, no matter which MK it is.

Spread the MK love, leave the immaturity else where!


I got it on PS3. Shang Tsung, Cage, Raiden, and Jax for me


Speaking of DS, VGGs to whoever I fought on the DS, we had some epic Ermac vs. H. Smoke matches.

I really need to start playing more and stop being predictable with the teleport lol


GG’s to Dark Rob last night. Our weeklys are always fun.

Took some time to get a somewhat decent stream up and working and we had problems with the auto-focus all night. We prob. won’t use that webcam again for streaming, so I will see what I can do regarding getting some better equipment soon so we have a better quality stream for everyone.

Hopefully we’ll have another set as early as Sunday, and possibly with Shock in attendance.


it did fine except the auto focus. and it was only when the match ended.


it did fine except the auto focus. and it was only when the match ended.


great games as always… a nice little impromptu session. We must have played another 100-125 matches again. You are ever improving and it showed in your rushdown last night. Those matches would have been great for the stream, but I didn’t have the equipment with me…LOL… great games!


GG’s to Dark Rob and LI Maverick at Rob’s house on Thursday.


GG’s last night to Dark Rob. So intense… as always…


Another little impromptu UMK3 session with Rob last night… great games, though we were both exhausted.


GGs last night to ermac2 and his brother in offline casuals. Was fun guys. MKII Kung Lao is my kryptonite, never fought against him before.


Anybody play UMK3 on mame?


I’d play, but I don’t like Kaillera.


If anyone wants to play MK get at me.

I got UMK3 on mame and MKvsDC on PS3.

LET’S GET IT CRACKIN!!! :smiley:


I played some UMK3 on DS just now against a player named TIM. Was that you Tim Static? In any case, good games man. I’m not too good at UMK3 atm, but I’m practicing.


haha nope. You have a better chance of having wings growing out of your ass and flying to the moon than catching me online playing…just about anything atm. :stuck_out_tongue:

but keep practicing, and read the UMK3 bible over at UltimateMK


Meaning you don’t usually play on DS, right? I can kind of understand why. Oh well, DS port is still decent, I’ll keep practicing.

I would play UMK3 on 360, but there are some reasons why I’m not:

  1. Don’t have 360 (currently not interested in buying one)
  2. I’m not sure it is still possible to buy UMK3 in the market place or get it by game sharing.

Yeah, the UMK3 strategy guides (the Bible) on is good shit man. I read it every once in a while. I just wish strategy guides for the other MKs were made on the site, especially MKvsDC.