SRK's Random Fighting Game Trivia Thread


Since there seems to be alot of trivia going around, I felt it was time to make a useless thread for it, as long as its a fighting game its all good.

So lets get this shit started.

Which character does Vega mistake for a woman in CvS and throw a rose at?


BENIMARUUUUUU!! …I think…haven’t played in a while,but he’d make the most sense(pretty boy).

I got one:

Name 3 female fighters who have blemishes on their faces (scars,moles,etc.). There ARE three,BTW(if not more)…thinkin of 3 now…:smile:

EDIT-LOVE your av,jae. Is the VJ anime out in America yet?I wantttttt itttttttt…





Cammy, I-no, and Ruby Heart.


add Baiken to that list.


Which SF3:3S background has a man with what looks like a lightbulb for head? :slight_smile:


Toodles and glass got it. I was also thinkin’ of Ran from PJ(she has freckles) but those are all right as well.

Another one:

Sometimes it’s good to look cool even in a fight. Name FOUR characters who have their hand(s) in their pocket(s) in their fighting stance.

@ Drunken Master-another game I haven’t played in a while,but if I had to guess I’d sayyyy…Remy’s stage? :xeye:


Yamazaki, Edge, Jedah… does Oro count?


yeah… Remy’s stage. :slight_smile:

Here’s an easy one:

Who was Johnny Cage modeled after? …and from which film?


van damme and bloodsport ??


See, I said it was easy… :slight_smile:


Eh…I suppose he could count.I was mainly thinking of Edge,Sol,and Yamazaki(knew there were more but I couldn’t think of them),but your right. GOOD JARB!! :tup:


a bit harder this one…

What do you have to do in the Alpha games for the game to tell you “your skill has not gone unnoticed…”


Finish the game without losing a round?


Doesn’t K’ from KoF have that stance too?

[I don’t play KoF, so yeah]



i have one.

what is ryu’s last name?



Nope, at least not in the idle/normal fighting stance.


I got one.

Which 2d fighting game was the first to have the “super jumps” (real high jumps with big tall backrounds to accomadate them)?

Don’t say the vs series…



Not to be a picky fanboy…BUT…the reason Vega throws a rose at Benimaru isn’t because he mistakes him for a woman. It’s just that Vega admires beautiful things, male or female, and of all the male fighters Beni is the only one he considers good-looking.

Was is Samurai Showdown?


I’ll post a question before I sleep…this one should be pretty easy for followers of SF canon:

Which Street Fighter character is Guile related to and what is their relation?