SRK's Skullgirls Steam Group

Greetings, everyone!

In preparation of the (hopeful) PC port of Skullgirls, I declare our own Steam Group open for business! While we may be a ways off from playing Skullgirls on PC, this could help to consolidate any form of organized event the community might like to undertake, from casual matches up to and including tournaments or other such major event (SKULLGIRLS LAUNCH PARTY…!). Speaking from personal experience, there’s no better way to get into the fighting game spirit than to PLAY! Or we can just chill out in the chat room and have a philosophical debate on the merits Peacock’s claim to the status of “Skullgirls mascot”. It’s all good. That’s why I highly encourage each everyone of you who’s eagerly anticipating Skullgirls to come join us!

It doesn’t matter if you play on Xbox, PS3 or PC, you’re sure to find some pretty cool guys and gals who’ll accept your challenge.

Just look at our growing list of XBLA/PSN gamertags, I’m sure there’s someone in there who shares your tastes (Note: did not actually crossreference people’s tastes. Your mileage may vary.)

So come have a ball with all these beautiful(?) people, right now!
SRK’s Skullgirls Steam Group

To kick things off, I will give away a game on Steam to the person who comes up with the most awesome custom logo for the Steam group! Either PM me on or comment on the corresponding announcement in the Steam Group to submit entries. I will accept submissions until Skullgirls’ release.

Any and all feedback is welcome, as I aim to make this the definitive Skullgirls Steam group!

Not the greatest with teh artses, but we’ve got some pretty talented artists lurking around here… so that shouldn’t be a problem.

This is a good idea. I joined as well. Hopefully it gains some traction. Does it have to be SRK exclusive though? It seems like we’d benefit even more from an open group with less fragmentation.

Not at all, but I didn’t want to step on any toes. I did a search on Steam and there were already some Skullgirls groups on there.

I approve of this notion. Joining!

I approve of this idea, JOINED!

While it has been a while since I’ve done some graphic design, I think I’ll try and take a stab at making a custom logo.

Go into the groupchat, guys! For fancy!

Ah, that complicates things a bit then. I’d invite my cousin into the group if this weren’t a problem. I like that it managed to gather 20+ people already though!

Just invite him anyways. I invited some people that aren’t on SRK, too :b

Yeah, just invite anyone you know who is even remotely interested in Skullgirls. We should get Dustloop guys in here, they’ve had a dedicated Skullgirls forum long before Shoryuken did AFAIK.

Good news

The faster we make this blow up, the better our chances of convincing higher ups that the game will find a home on the PC.

I’m in baby.

joined, for what its worth. heres hoping this game does eventually hit steam.

Actually, I’m handling the XBLA/PSN player list now.

Updated the OP accordingly. I also added some details concerning the Group Logo contest.

E: Actually, we should try to get people’s Steam info in there, a lot people seem to be using a different nick from what they’re using on SRK. It would be better to have a comprehensive listing, don’t you think?

joined the group and sent out an invite to a pal.

I don’t actually play much in the way of PC games but I will make an exception for Skullgirls assuming I can run it. If not I will still buy it lol.

Peacock isn’t the mascot, boyshorts Valentine is.


Hi guys, here’s people who are now mods in the steam group and can post news via announcements (probably? im not actually sure)
Master Chibi
probably forgot someone

Thanks for reviving this thread. I didn’t know there was an official stream group. joined