SRK's Updated List!


What is the SRK’s Updated List?
Well, we all know that SRK is now using Xenforo as a new forum software. We all know that we’re impatient so, having SRK down for 2 days isn’t enough to have the forum up to it’s full potential. So, I will update this thread with information on what’s been done and what hasn’t been done.

Premium User: Working as intended.

Avatar: Having problems with your current avatar? Can’t seem to upload it? If you have Photoshop and ImageReady. Please open your file and change the size to 116x116. This should resolve the issue. normal is 51.2, premie is 99.9
Information about Avatar:…-joined-fir-damawd.127689/page-7#post-5345807

Live Stream Lists: Thanks to Jaxel on his amazing skills. He has added the Live Stream. If you have any question(s). Please send him a Private Message and he’ll be gladly answer your question(s). Please do NOT spam him. Hopefully, he’ll be able to post some here if needed.
More information on Live Stream Lists: The Events/Calendar/Streaming system current supports: uStream, JustinTV, own3d and Livestream.

Custom Title: The power of MrWiz has enable you to change your title.
Instruction: Click on your username and click on Personal Details… Scroll down and you’ll see “Custom Title:”

Emoticons: They are back.

Tapatalk: It’s still under construction by the SRK’s Staffs. They should have this task completed by this week. This feature works; but it’s not working at it’s fullest potentials.

Maximum Post/Thread: 60/60 before it splits to a new page.

Ignore User(s): Pending…

Edit Thread(s): On the top right corner. You will see “Thread Tools.” Click on it and you’ll get a drop box. Highlight “Edit Thread” and change the title of the thread.

Media Section: Okay… media section is almost up and running… there are a few things to mention however…
[]The way the new system handles keywords and the old system handled them were completely different. The new system only accepts the most basic of western characters. The old system accepted anything, so we ended up having something like 50,000 keywords that were completely useless. Because of this the old keywords could not be transfered into the new system… so all keywords and their links have been wiped.
]The new system only supports YouTube at the moment. Support for other services are “modular”, depending on the need.
[]The search system is built into the XenForo search system… so searching wont return many results until MrWiz rebuilds the search engine… which will probably happen AFTER we’ve confirmed everything is running well… it will take DAYS to rebuild the search engine, and it would suck to have to do it a second time.
]Media Section is Open.
Spoilers Tag: Enable

Moderator(s): If you were a sub-moderator for a forum and you’re having an issue. Please post here. Moderators Thread

**Ipad/Safari/iPod: **Is now fixed. If any issues. Please visit this thread for further information.


Hopefully, this helps for those who are LAZY to do a search and see if their question(s) has been answered or not.

This thread will be updated as time goes and things are being patched and uploaded.

Updated: 8/22 Time: 4:58 AM EST


Filesize limit for avatars seems to be 50k for non prem and 99 for prem, at least that’s what people have been telling me.


Tapatalk does work, with limited functions. It seems that any thread created under vBulletin doesn’t appear now. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the app or a problem with SRK, but I would lean toward the former. I e-mailed the dev to see if it was a bug they needed to fix, just in case.



I think you’re right about 50k. I got an error when I exceeded it. But, I wasn’t sure. Thanks for confirming it.

Missing Person,

Thanks for your input. I will update the thread.


Whats up with the feedback numbers are they reset?


whoops just got my answer. They are trying to restore them. They have it in the database somewhere.


normal is 51.2, premie is 99.9


Thanks Wiz for reconfirming it. :oops:


The Events/Calendar/Streaming system current supports: uStream, JustinTV, own3d and Livestream.


Thank you Jaxel for the update. I just updated the first post.


We’ve been doing some experimentation with avatars over in IMM, and I’ve compiled some notes here:


this is the second time i’ve asked this but here goes.

i keep getting this white bar line in everyone’s avatar box where their custom title is located…it covers everyone’s custom title halfway…i can barely make out people’s custom titles under their username. this is with srk dark.
with srk light the white bar is black and covers both everyone’s username and custom title completely.
i’m i the only person experiencing this?

also, how do i delete “conversations” aka PMs in my inbox?
i don’t see the delete tab option anywhere?


I’m guessing those of the “premium supporter” banner are actually being read as premium members, with the 99.9k (or higher) exploits.


Are you referring to signature Fir? If I am not mistaken. It’s disable.


Please provide screenshot. What browser are you using?
For PM’s

Try this steps. Go to “Inbox” > Click on “Conversation” >and click on the topic. Then click on “Leave Conservation”


Nope the sig, I mean those with premium before the upgrade but had to be downsized to regular members in order to post. When I uploaded an avatar over 50K I was rejected even though I was premium before. Those with the banner are being read as premium supporters, they say in time all people that had premium before will get the benefits, but I figured I’d clarify.


The Premium Status will be restored. They have to recreate a new usergroup.


Will the option to subscribe to premium be added shortly after the user group is created? Or is it already in place and I just can’t find it?


From my knowledge of forum. When you transfer from one board to another. All usergroups are transfers. However, all usergroups that were transfers have the “Registered User” settings. Also, I don’t know if Premium had any kind of modifications installed or not towards their account. All we can do is wait till the end of the week and hope that are usergroups are back to it’s original place.


Thank you :smiley: