SRKs Weekly SFV Tournament

Weekly Schedule and Tournaments

Match ups will be generated on Monday, The mod for your division will announce match ups in your divisional discord chat room (the discord app does not have to be mobile, its web based as well).At this time both parties will then be able to see who they are facing. Players will then set up their own matches between Thursday-Sunday. Agreed upon match times must be posted in the discord division room If one of the players does not show up on the agreed upon time, (30 minute limit after the agreed time) the match is forfeited and the points are awarded to the other player. If there are multiple no shows, matches can be arranged between those in the same division.

There will be two weeks of match ups, with the third week being a tournament week. As of now there is only one “ranked” match per week (unless you are a wild card) to where points can be earned, as the process is smoothed out more will be added.

Wildcard player

Every second week a “wildcard” player will be selected by the Mods to play an additional set if there is an odd number of people in the division. A wildcard just plays an additional set in their division for an opportunity at more points. This player must be selected from the lowest scoring pool of players in the division, for instance if you have 6 players that scored 0 in week 1, one of them will be selected to be the wildcard player for week 2. The wild card is currently only being used to balance league play, (odd number of members in a division) however depending on reception, we will roll it out for an every week thing, randomly generated.

Scoring System**

For the sake of simplicity, we will use the Swedish model.

We will be playing a first to 2 set, with matches within those sets being first to 2. Each win in a match will constitute a point. If you sweep both matches 2-0, you will be awarded an addition point for that week. So everyone will play at least two matches against their opponent. If the first 2 matches are split, a third final match will be needed to determine the set winner. Sets should only end in 2-0 or 2-1.

Tournament Structure

For tournament weeks each division will hold their own separate “regional” tournament to decide who will go on to play in the league wide tournament. The top 4 players in each division qualify for the SRK league wide tournament, all to be played in Week 3 of each season.

All matches for the regional tournament must be completed by Friday, as the weekend will be when the league wide tournament will take place. I understand there will be scheduling conflicts with time zone differences, those involved as well as mods will do our best to accommodate all qualifiers, however if we cannot accommodate a time, or you simply just cannot make it for the tourney, your spot will be forfeited and the opponent will advance.

The tournament structure will be classic double elimination style, FT 2 set until winners finals, losers finals and grand finals. Those will be decided by a FT3. The player from losers bracket must reset the bracket to win the set. All tourney brackets will be linked and archived on this thread as well as posted in designated discord room once the new server is released. Please report matches as soon as they finish to a mod so that it can be recorded and the next match can be set up. Everyone will be seeded by points in the regional tourney, however seeding in the league wide tourney will be random.

Please note that the timing for this is extremely fluid, we will do our best to accommodate everyone but there will simply be times when we cannot make our scheduled time and that is ok. We will do our best to make sure everyone can play but know with over 60 players that may simply not be possible every third week.

*If lag becomes an issue we may revisit this format


Discord will be used as a mobile way to link up with your opponent. As of now there are several discord servers, Once we complete Season 1 I ask that everyone migrate to This server:

Google Docs:
<Weekly divisional standings>
Actually links coming soon.

**Division Format: **

The current format sits as follows

US south/ = 13
US east 1= 14
US east 2= 12
US central/west=13

YouTube Channel
Thank you for the match IDs. I hope to have the youtube page and a season 1 highlight reel ready at the start of season 2!!

Player Responsibilities

As a player, your only responsibilities are to agree upon a time with your opponent, show up for your match, and record your match results in the discord server. You can also report your CFN match ID if you want it to have a chance to be featured in the seasonal highlight reel. This is completely optional however. The amount of matches a week and seasonal length depends squarely on each player’s shoulders. If we have great turnout and it isn’t a pain for the mods to get match results on time, we can expand our sets per week and adjust scoring. I don’t want the mods to have to track down individuals and try to make sure people show up for matches, which would be too much work for people just volunteering their time.

Challonge Links**
Season 1 regionalsl:

Registration is open.***

@Plaid_Unicorn (mod)

@Zoglug (mod)

@RocketUppercut (mod)
@“Flashy Nights”

East 1
@driftlogic (mod)
@Trouble Brewing
@Rioting Soul

East 2
@Greenwood (mod)

SRK: melflomil
CFN: melflomil
Time Zone:5 EST

Include time zones to get a general idea where everyone is coming from.

good idea with the time zones, I’ll add that to the list


UK GMT 0:00

SRK: Rugalitarian
CFN: Rugalitarian
Time Zone: Rugalitarian (EST)

I kinda want to give things a week to shake out before jumping into it. I would be nice to have more data about connections across the country, US to UK, etc.

That makes sense, I think getting the info down now is the most important part. Figuring out how many SRK’ers are really even interested

from my experience the more you space this sort of stuff out, the less likely it is for people to actually play their matches.

A set time prevents flakes from joining in the first place, but also prevents procrastinators from putting it off.

A best of 3 in a fighting game doesn’t take so long where you wouldn’t want to run multiple matches in a single day.

So yeah everything similar to this i’ve attempted to participate in has never finished for the above reasons.

Are you suggesting set dates for matches with tournaments bi weekly or something like that?

Just don’t give people flexibility, it’s better to run multiple things that have set times than trying to get people to schedule their own matches which just doesn’t work.

This would be awesome. The skullgirls community has been doing this since launch, and I can personally attest that this is a great way to level up the community. I’m actually really really excited for this already.

I agree 100% with this. Just have a regular weekly schedule that people will plan accordingly for. The Skullgirls community would do a weekly ranbat (using the Swiss system) every weekend, in which the results of the ranbat are tallied each week which allows the players to rank up or down. In addition to this, region specific ranbats began to allow people in different time zones to play easily.

Skullgirls, however, doesn’t have a unified player base. The players are scattered throughout the different consoles (but typically gather on PC nowadays). SF5 doesn’t have that issue since all the players are unified with cross play so this would allow all of SRK to be part of the same ranbat (possibly only segregated by region ranbats though - which I would recommend for the sake of time zones/possible connection issues).

I would highly recommend reading through the first page of this, and possibly stealing the layout that the skullgirls ranbats are ran in.

We can also start a Discord group which allows different channels that will keep everything neatly organized. Example: social (general chat), matchmaking (for whoever is online and wants to play now), strategy (discussing strategy), ranbat lobby (where everyone will idle during ranbats), and ranbat results (where players report their match results).

All of the top skullgirls players have been a part of the Ranbats since the beginning and still are today. I can really see this being a big part of leveling up the entire community having this system in place. It would be cool to see possible prizes awarded to the winners of each season as well through sponsors/donations.

Thanks for the info and input @Veserius and @TheBlackHombre reading up on Skullgirls and working on the discord app as we speak.

Timezone: EST (Miami)

SRK- Foolinfection

CFN- Dex_Masters

Timezone: CST (Chicago time)

first post updated with discord server link, player post updated (will make a better easier to read format in a minute)

Just to echo what Veserius said, I’ve done ~20 person Hearthstone tournaments with no time limit on another board. They usually would take around two weeks to finish.

We should probably just set a night/time. If you can’t make it, you’re DQ’ed. See you next week.

Is there a certain skill level you are looking for or is anyone free to join?

Everyone is free to join, the point of the league is to help fellow SRK’er level up, Only requirement is that you make an honest effort to make your matches.

Main post updated with weekly schedule and time format, this is very rough so if something sounds off let me know. The idea is to not lock everyone in on a date but still limit the amount of time they can loligag around. If anyone feels it should be tighter, we can change that.

SRK: LordWilliam1234
CFN: LordWilliam1234
Time Zone: EST (Troy, NY)