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This is something that probably should have went back up immediately after the Mr. Wizard’s supposedly “warned” blitzkrieg of the SRK forums in general. This thread will be for be the main functions of either getting writing advice or tips and/or posting short stories (since I obviously would like more threads here, but I find it a problem if you’re going to intentionally post a short story when only one post will be your writing), though I’m sure that it can be used for other things.

Since I have nothing to share the moment due to computer still being somewhat “broken” and I can in no way count myself to be a good writer, I will merely give a link to a very interesting and (I would think at least mildly) helpful discussion thread on writing that I found on a forum that skim though I am not a member.

Whether or not you agree with the following, I ask that you all do something as soon as comfortably possible: Write something! Write something that’s decent though (not language or image-wise, but content-wise). It would nice to actually have more than particularly the same four or five people barely keeping this forum breathing.

Anyway, without further ado, the Guide.


Random shit:

-If you’re writing a humor fic for a game or an anime, make sure to pay attention to your audience, and write jokes that only they would get. Will anyone other than SRKers get a AHVB joke? No. But the funniest jokes are the ones that the least people laugh at.

-Use a word processor. Open up Word and type your fic in it. You have instant thesaurus and spellcheck.

-I wouldn’t worry about sticking to canon at all. If you want to make sure your fic is accurate, go ahead, but it’s all moot because fanfics are never canon.

And now, some random shit I wrote down:


MUACK !! * kissed bowl’s cheek * …you’re my saviour !!!


Writer’s Tips

If your somewhat new at story telling here in the Fan Fiction Library, please refer to the following guidelines of perfecting Tales. Simple educated 8th grade learnings you should not forget anyway, but good to have a look at neverless…:bluu: :mad: :evil:

Plot - Events Build Conflict, Each event changes or develops dynamic characters, character interaction gives meaning to the story

Characters - People or personalities can be described by naration and through the characters actions and Dialogue

Conflict - Struggle between the main character and an opposing force.

Mood - Dominant Emotion that the reader takes from the story.

Setting - Time and place when and where the story occurs.

Theme - Overall meaning that the Author conveys through events and characters experiences

Point of View - Who is telling the Story? From Narration? From Perspective?

Crisis - Highest Point of Unresolved Conflicts

Resolution - Event that settles the conflict

I hope New Writer’s coming here has all these key points ( or at least some of them ) in mind. These guidelines basically make a story into a story.

That’s it for now…


Question - What’s the best/preferred way to announce a fanfic getting posted, or trying to get some sort of feedback?

I’m pretty sure I went about it wrong on my post, but I’ve little desire to post about it again (that would get annoying to everybody very quickly).

I don’t know of any like minded people in my area I can get to read anything I write, so…


I saw your thread and I read your fics (well, one of them at least). I was planning on writing out a reply, but I got lazy and caught up in some other things.

About your Billy fic: It’s alright, but I’m not really a big fan of fics where characters usually just muse to themselves. I know that there are fans of that type of story though, mainly because I see that type written so often. Also, I noticed that you broke your paragraphs pretty often; I’d’ve kept the paragraphs bigger, spaced out only when there are different quotes and shit.

Anyway, try to get some new work up in here. Lord knows we need it. :o


'Preciate you taking time to read my stuff.

You might not want to bother with the Geese thing I wrote. “No Rush” might be okay, but it’s mostly story. I had some fighting ones (Rugal vs 6 other guys, Bison vs Chun/Ryu), but those got lost over the years, sadly. Most of my stuff tends to be really internal.

I will definately try to work on the pacing of my writing, though. Thanks for that tip.

You might like which is done by a friend of mine. It’s a lot more action orientated, but it’s not finished, and I’ve no idea if/when it’ll get finished . Something about him graduating, going freelance (he’s an artist), getting married, etc.

Workin’ on it :slight_smile:

I’m going to stop here…not trying to hijack the thread…