Srsly WTF?



Why are there individual threads for match ups? Why is this Hugo forum so disorganized? Can we get it cleaned up please? This would be very confusing for a newcomer man, why is there not just a match up thread with the cast, and spoilers next to each name with given strategies within them?

Edit Also, why aren’t the appropriate threads stickied? I get the game just came out but if a mod is capable of cleaning this up it would be much more concise and approachable…


this is the only matchup* thread that needs to be stickied, I have no clue how to get that done

the reason for individual threads for each matchup is so that you can have endless discussion regarding 1 character, rather than 1 massive clusterf*ck of a thread that needs the first post to be constantly updated by OP.

*edit - added word


This forum just got opened up maybe like 2 weeks ago. People are in the process of cleaning it up, but folks have lives and shit. threads aren’t sticked yet because folks don’t know who’s going to stick around to update the posts and who just wanted to get their post stickied.

Give it time