SS4 noob thinking of going to MvC3


I’m not doing so hot in SS4 i think a lot of it has to do with me not being great at fighting games. My friend told me I should get MvC3 it’s easier to play at first with a crutch system he mentioned. I just wanted to know if this was true at all?


Up to you? It’s a bit more rewarding and you can do more damage, but keep in mind it’s twofold and if you’re not careful you can lose one of your characters instantly.


I’m in the same boat. I bought mvc 3 and at the moment i prefer ssf4. I find it a bit tighter. Don’t put your self down about being bad at fighting games I only just started playing properly recently. I’m going through the trials and staying in training mode a lot. If you youtube other people doing the trials you’ll get a sense of the timing for the combos and if you keep at it you’ll see improvements then that will transfer over to when you play online. In the past week my standard has trebled. Just keep practising it’s not easy and it wont happen over night but week by week you’ll get great gains. I think learning ssf4 is a lot like learning to play the guitar and that is something that requires patience.


Well, from the friends I have who have got MvC3 for the first time and were SSF4 loyals, they have told me that execution is not really strict and its all a bit haywire. I hear that it’s not like SF where you need timing and you need to think a lot, they tell me its just who can get in and do biggest, baddest, most damaging combo and then that’s it. But anyway, that’s what I heard, may be correct or not correct. I just say try it, no use someone telling you, get your hands on and find out for yourself :slight_smile:


The timing on combos is definitely easier since you don’t have to worry about a ton of links in your combos. However there is no reason if you enjoy SF that you can’t just play both. MvC3 is a much different sort of games so they can be enjoyed for different reasons.


if u have the time , could you please tell me what u did exactly to get the hang of ssf4 ,as i’m just new to fighter games and i just ordered ssf4 ,
do i have to read guides,watch tons of videos before i start ssf4
thank you


Thank you guys for your imput


give MvC3 a shot. You could always go back to SSFIV.


The basic principles are the same between the two games, so there’s that. Definitely give MvC a shot. They’re two different games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and excel at both. And who knows? Maybe you’ll see something in MvC that helps you understand something in SF4.


I am fairly good at SSF4 and had it since it came out I played ALOT and got to a point where I can pick a few different characters (Not TOP tier) and WIN pretty consistently online. I got MvC3 the first day and this game seems like it will be much tougher to Win cause there are some pretty Bad ass players already. The Pace is much faster the Damage is really high including Chip damage of Hypers

Generally there is TONS of stuff happening on the the screen at once i.e. projectiles, assists, beams, higher jumping.

On the other hand the combos are much easier to pull off aside from the SUPER RIDICULOUS ones that people like Desk are doing… lol (look at the chun li combo video on the SRK Homepage … AWESOME) You just have to get in and get the launcher off :), This game WILL piss you off when you first start playing online.

I still lose alot (38-91) :confused: But I am determined to get better by coming on here reading up on the game, watching combo vids for Ideas and the Training and Mission modes. Really go at the Mission Mode hard. It helped my execution in the game alot … when the combos start to get harder around mission 6+ for everyone do them till you get it, gives you muscle memory for moves that you think you can’t pull off.

Always head into the “Lab” to try out new things that you have an Idea for …

This game is WAY more rewarding for a Win IMO. :slight_smile:


If you are interested in playing online at all, then you should drop SSF4 ASAP and get into MVC3. Both games are subject to lag, but MVC3 is more lenient in the timing so the online experience is much better overall.

If you’re playing both games offline, then it depends on what you prefer. MVC3 is rewarding to players who are good at attacking and rushdown. SSF4 is rewarding to players who are good at defending and footsies.


I wouldn’t go quite that far. MvC3 gives you a ton of more flexibility on offense and defense across the board, and it’s pretty much built for any style of play. You can switch from being offensive to defensive at the snap of a finger, and you aren’t quite as restricted at the character select screen since everyone at least has some variation of the LMHSMMHS deal. Fighting a good Chris/Morrigan/Sentinel team will make you rip your hair out trying to get in as rushdown.

SSF4 is really limited to bait and punish, and/or having a strong wakeup mixup game at beginner to even intermediate level of play, and doesn’t really open up much until you’ve burnt some serious time into it.


Alright thank you guys your very helpful i actually bought it today!


I wouldn’t bother. MvC3 is a broken-ass piece of crap. X-factor is the single most retarded mechanic in a fighting game.

Once your opponent L3 X-factors, you’re pretty much in survival mode and you have to run away as best as you can. You can risk fighting, but if you get caught once, your character dead, no exceptions.


The cross over games. X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom etc I find to be too much chaos. I like the strategy in SSFIV better. The only cross up ones I liked was the capcom vs snk one. Guess it depends what you prefer.


Stay with both. Practicepracticepractice. No one kids when they say practice makes perfect. You can’t expect to just wake up and be a good player. It takes experience. Playing a lot of other fighting games will help you understand others as well.


Fixed that for ya. SSF4 is just a really defensive game in general. Most of the match is spent jockeying for position to allow attacking from a point of safety. That’s really the essence of the game: keeping yourself safe while making it hard for the opponent to do the same. It’s really telling for that game that even when you’re attacking, the main thing on your mind is how to defend against a reversal or how to deal if you drop your links. That’s why the crowd goes wild whenever Marn decides to do some attacking with Dudley. The idea of a high level player attacking in an unsafe or punishable way is so rare and refreshing that everyone gets up and takes notice.

MVC3 is similar, but not to the same degree. You can play defense in MVC3, but it mostly takes the form of spamming projectiles from a safe distance to keep the opponent from attacking rather than actually blocking or countering his moves. You could call it “aggressive defense” if you want, but when you think about it attacking from a distance is still attacking.


There are a lot of different kinds of fighting games, maybe SSF4 just isn’t for you. MvC is a lot more a test of your eyesight and reflexes. Another game I would suggest trying is Soul Calibur, it’s a pretty good fighting game for people who don’t normally like fighting games.


So… What did you do with your X-factor? Were you perhaps already losing and used it up?

I’ll take X-Factor over Ultra any day, as far as mechanics go.

I totally recommend MvC3, so much more pure crazy fun than SF4.