SSB: Super Smash Bros. Thread (N64)


Well, I know it’s an old game and system, but I thought I’d see if I could drum up some more interest in this game.
This thread is devoted to strategies and tactics in Super Smash Brothers…post your tactics here.

The characters are well-balanced in this game, the possibility of an instant death is always there so there’s definitely less of a slippery slope property in this game.

Modes of play - 1 on 1, up to 4 player battle, team battle…
stock mode, items on or off, time mode.

Characters: Link, Samus, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Ness and Yoshi.

In 1 on 1, the top 4 tend to be Pikachu, Ness, Falcon, and Link, but overall the game is very balanced. frowns at Ness

In 4 player battle, it’s total chaos…characters that can move fast and create space tend to do a bit better.

I’ll probably post individual character strats, throwing tactics and edge guarding tactics later.


Super Smash Bros. FANTASTIC GAME!!!
its a pity its bin out of the spotlights for a mom. , only more reason to spend some attention on this beatiful game,…
i normally took Link and just set bombs all the time… haha… it did work at my opponents, but they were really crap :wink: haha
Samus is also good, if its a 4 player battle i look for a quiet place in the arena and boost my gun to maximum…BOOM haha hell lol

its one of the best game ive played on the N64…


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copy and pasted from the “Super Smash Bros. Online.” Thread in Fighting Games Discussion: [X]

to Seany_Boy:

You can L cancel any of the Air A’s of any character. This is useful to more characters than others. For example, Samus’ Air B+A, if you land this near the ground, it takes her some time to get up. L-canceling takes care of this. Fox’s Air B+A, same thing. DK’s Air D+A, same thing. Also when FF with any Airial A’s, your character has some recovery animation, L canceling takes care of this also.

If you want combos, play something like MvC2. If you want depth, play SSB/SSBM. This game is very deep. Exploit each characters wieght/fall recovery/knockback trajectory/speed/power/etc to gain the upperhand. There is also items which each character can utilize to his/her advantage. Also the ingenious KO system, forcing you to play offense with a “King of the Hill” strategy. SSB is more balanced than, SSBM, IMO. Each and everyone had a chance, the victor depends on the player. Technically, SSB doesn’t have a combo system, but it does have what most other games lack: skill.

to Seany_Boy:

I never said he was, either. Any skilled Ness player can zone well with his SH xx Air D+A xx FF. His throws are legendary with PK fire. his PK thunder is better in SSB. Lasts longer, longer projectile, better knockback, and his PK thunder third jump is way longer than SSBM’s.

lacking directional influence in SSB is due to the awkward physics in SSB. around 30-50% damage, knockback trajectory -> fall recovery is lengthen, due to the physics. Yoshi unfortunately gets raped by this. :\

You see, this game is very deep due to the mind games, like your example you have given. I often get punked by edge-guarding Ness’ (SH, double jump xx Air D+A xx FF = air raped :). This is considering, Ness in this case, is At 120%+ damage, and I’m at less than 10%. The game takes a complete 180 degree turn and fucks you in the ass when you get spiked like that. You see, regardless of the damage %, he still has a fighting, if not situationally equal, chance at KO’ing me. That’s what makes this game so fun, different, and deep.

to Mummy-B:

Accepted. :slight_smile: when you get over to the states.

My characters roster: Pikachu, Ness, Falcon, and Link/Yoshi (in that order).

Link is great, in the right hands of course. He is a projectile whore, juggle whore, and his dash A ;smash F+A; and tilt D+A has excellent juggle/knockback trajectory.

Abuse his boomerang (B). A few tips:

a very good juggle : B+Hold DF (1 secs or so, until his releases the boomerang), dash A, tilt U+A.
The boomerang richochet’s off the ground into the on coming jump-in, projectile, or idle opponent. What the “Hold DF” does is elongate the distance in which the boomerang travels (full distance). This is good for reaching far away opponents, lingers longer on screen, fast+hard hitting unpredictable projectile. If they get hit, follow up with a dashing A -> tilt U+A. good to set up the Smash F+A or Smash U+A.

Keep this bad boy moving at all times. You never know when it will save your ass from time and time again by interrupting an opponent who is juggleing/persueing/wall rapeing you when it recoils back, giveing you the chance for a counter hit. This is good since Link can be slow at times. Also, it gives free damage, mutiple hits with the opponent, and not to mention the high priority of the first “charged” hit. When I say “charged”, i’m referring to the first Hit with the projectile, when it usually gives lots of knockback.

HOLD+(any direction) at all times when throwing. ellogates the distance, which is always good. Remember that it homes in on Link, so keep on your toes when the boomerang recoils. Great mind games, screws with the direction of the opponent. Try throwing in the opposite direction, roll to the other side of the oppnent, tilt D+A / tilt U+A (juggles to put in air), by this time the boomerang should be heading back, SH xx air D+A + boomerang hits (this cancels the smash factor of the air D+A), follow up with another air D+A FF (or the first D+A’s second stab) for smash damage racking.

Bombs, bombs, bombs.

Keep a bomb handy. Usually, I jump over the opponent, throw the bomb up, land on the other side and try my best to keep him under the bomb’s fall area. Since the bomb wasn’t “smash thrown”, it will bounce off the opponents head, causeing an interruption and/or bouyancy of the opponent, which then you can grapple them, hold, let bomb bounce at least once more/or let it explode on them, throw. Then follow up with whatever you have at your disposal, usually a nicely throw boomerang (B+Hold direction toward opponent) or smash F+A.

play some “mine” games. whore the fact it doesn’t immediately explode when thrown regular, ground floor level. Try and make them pick one up, and then smash throw another one, causing both to explode = damage racking. or make them drop it by a well placed B+Hold Direction. fun fun fun for all.

Spin attack, not so good.

Fffeh, i barely use his SSB version spin attack. Shitty lag, shitty priority, too linear range. Only use when edge guarding, creating some space, or the “flashy” factor. other than that, don’t waste your time with it. n00bs whore this move, which is why they are “n00bs” in the first place.

His A’s are all A+'s, with a few B’s.

lots of priority on all of them. Though, some linger, which seems like forever to recover. His Air U+A / air D+A has this, thankfully, L-canceling will take care of it. Tilt’s are not too shabby, play with his tilt F+A, Smashes differ. His smash D+A lingers too long, leaves him open for attack. His smash F+A is has amazing range + amazing knockback, and his smash U+A is fast, but limited range.


When in a ground fight, his rolls are really good. B+Roll is good for escaping swiftly, his F+Roll is good as well. I like to mix it up a bit, when upclose, I F+Roll, block xx grapple hook, or whatever works best.

Grapple hook is good, but dont’ abuse it. Start up lag and recovery lag. though, his throw+B is grand.

character specifics strategies I won’t get into since it really depends on the player.

His Recovery

Yeah i know, he sucks ass at recovery, that’s why you never play near the edge. Play “King of the Hill” style and knock them away silly from the center of the stage.

to Mummy-B:

Yeap, it’s called edge guarding. That’s what makes this game deep and enigmatic. No matter what the conditions are, there is always a way to turn the tides in your favor.

SSBM is a x10 improvement from SSB. Losts of modes to play, lots of things to do. They tried thier best to balance out the characters (Making Kirby extremely shitty, his dash A fucking sucks balls and it whiffs most of the time, shitty arial A’s, made him clumsy on all his moves, his recovery is excellent though; Ness plays more awkwardly, pk thunder sucks, his air D+A has lost all it’s SSB priority, smashes have odd range; marth is overpowered; etc…), with the sacrifice of the old characters glory days from SSB.


General tips for all characters:

Keys - A button - regular attack
B Button - special attack
R button - quick recovery, shield
Z+A or R - Throw
Z/R + left or right - roll recovery, roll
To do smash attacks, hold direction + A, to do faster normal attacks, tilt direction + A.

Z or R cancelling - When you hit R before landing on certain attacks, recovery is lessened…for some characters this means you can land an extend combo off an air D+A. For example, with Link, if the opponent blocks the air D+A, and you R/Z cancel, you can immediately run away or follow up with tilt up+a, another jump, etc.

Recovery from fall - When you land from an attack, you can hit R to recover. While recovering you are invincible, but you can be thrown quite easily if the opponent is waiting for you to do it, so…
R+direction on landing - recover with a roll.
In general, it’s best to always recover upon landing as you can be comboed otherwise.
Hit A or B to get up with an attack - this attack is invincible while you’re getting up, but if it’s blocked, you might get thrown around even more :(.
Left or Right - Roll while getting up.
Up - Get up

Recovery from edge - If you’re hanging off the edge, in SSB there’s fewer options than in SSBM. You can hit a direction key to just get up normally (not recommended). You can roll up with Z/R, hit down and then jump up with an attack or third jump. Or most common is to hit A or B and come back up with an attack. It’s all one big mind game as getting the attack blocked means you get punished for missing.

Blocking - The shield is useful for blocking projectiles, attacks, etc. However…in most cases, blocking isn’t all that useful. In some cases, it’s actually worse (against Ness) to block some attacks as you immediately can be thrown before you can react. I would suggest that one avoids blocking except to avoid projectiles and recovery attacks and just learn to move left and right faster.

Throws - This is where things get crazy. I personally consider throwing to be the ultimate attack in this game as it leads to combos or edge guard traps…and it can’t be teched easily like SSBM. Speed is a major bonus to throwing. Pikachu, Fox and Captain Falcon are easily better at throwing than most due to the speed factor. You can throw while someone is bouncing off an attack…Throw recovery is very quick if you whiff except on link, samus and yoshi. and throwing does very good damage for one hit. With Falcon, you can punish virtually any whiffed attack by the opponent with a throw. Also throws for many characters are finishing moves. Pikachu (back+a), Donkey Kong (back+a), and Ness’s throws are 3 of the best finishing attacks in the game.
Specifics later as throws vary greatly per character. Also free combos off certain throws at low %s…damn pikachu/falcon

Edge guarding - A staple of the game. On levels with edges, you can keep the opponent from coming back in.
Characters that can “spike” like Ness, Fox (reflector), DK (2 spikes), Falcon, Samus, Yoshi, Mario’s rare spike (D+B), and kirby (2 spikes) all can knock characters down off the board. Highly useful since most characters have poor vertical recovery. You can kill Link at a very low percent with Ness’s spike off the edge. Other than spiking though…virtually any attack will function in edge guarding. Just pick a move and try them out.
Edge guarding is a big mind game…even if they do manage to grab the ledge you still have every opportunity to keep them off. If they roll behind you, walk up and throw them back off the edge…if they come up with an attack…block…and throw them off again. etc. etc.

A more general thing to do is to learn how to move left and right well. Positioning is key in SSB…like wavedashing in MVC2 it’s important to be able to position yourself where you can avoid attacks and still be able to counter.

Ah yes, percents. Learn what percents create certain types of knockback. Using a smash attack on someone at 0% is usually a mistake as they can recover and attack you in return before you’ve recovered. Usually characters start bouncing once they’re around the 20% mark. That’s when combos start getting disgustingly long :).
Learn your environment. There’s easy infinites for any character in Z sector and Hyrule with just the A button in corners. Abuse the pits in Pokemon stage and Princess Peach’s castle stage. Or the semi-DK infinite under the ledge in that stage.

Other random stuff - Cancelling projectiles attacks with your own attacks…this is useful…learn which moves counter which…e.g. jigglypuff punch can neutralize fully charged samus ball…and DK punch i believe.
Short jump: this is done by tilting up or tapping the jump button ever so slightly…useful for combos.
Fast Fall: Hit down while in the air to fall faster…useful for combos and positioning. Also hitting down while falling will allow you to fall go through some ledges in certain areas while going down…e.g. Yoshi stage.
Items: umm…I’ll save it for another day.

If I missed anything here for general knowledge, let me know and I’ll edit…I probably forgot something.


Basically I did was used Captain Falcons speed and power moves to annoy my opponents until I could use ->+A(Fire Kick) to knock them far enough off the level so they died. Worked pretty well. Also I did alot of move dodging so that my opponents went over the edge by themselves.


Well, I’m starting to become a fan of SSBM, but since I don’t own a GC, it’s gotten in the way of really learning the game well. FAQs on gamefaqs for SSBM are much much better than SSB, and go into depth on most things.

Oh yeah, running back and forth to bait out attacks is very useful in SSB…even more so than rolling. Ness has an annoying feature of his down+A where if you block it, the blockstun makes it difficult to counterattack. :bluu: Also with Yoshi, his air down+A can spike under certain circumstances as well.

Donkey Kong: He basically has one excellent strategy…and that’s to throw and try to spike them down with either spike (D+A in air or F+A in air). Most of his moves have terrible lag on them, but on the flip side, he’s difficult to knock off screen. Due to his size, he gets hit more by certain attacks, but his weight makes up for it somewhat. (He gets destroyed by Yoshi as far as I’m concerned) His back throw does excellent damage and is his best finishing move as it can kill at rather low percents. (cheap strategy is to sit on the edge of Princess Peach’s castle and throw people off the right edge)

DK really doesn’t have many combos, but his power is quite good. His up+B is good for clearing out lots of enemies and has high priority. It can be easily punished by Kirby’s drill though if you hit it from directly above. :bluu: Aerial back + A isn’t bad either for priority and recovery.
The Donkey Punch (hit Z or R to stop charging, B to charge again) is a good finisher, but it’s difficult to land in 1 on 1 play as it’s predictable…I’d keep it charged in case you can use it, but usually throwing is better as his throw has crazy range on it.

Suiciding with his throw is also fun. Try driving people nuts by grabbing them, hitting F, and then fast falling down a pit while stilll carrying them. Difficult to mash if you’re already at an edge and lots of fun.

Smash Up+A kills at low percents, F+A is powerful, but hard to time. It might be better to stick to his tilt attacks or even just neutral A to outprioritize people…and then grab them if you have a chance as his throw does better damage than most. He’s got better recovery than Link, but it might best to play King of the Hill style with him as well and try to stay in the middle of most boards until you get a throw/spike opportunity. Definitely learn to Z/R cancel his down+A spike.